Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yes, we are still here!

Okay, so a six month absence isn't that long really (at least to an adult). Luke on the other hand has obviously changed quite a bit in that time. I'm not quite sure why I stopped blogging but I'm going to make an effort to keep up with it from now on. There is no way that I can go back and write about everything that has happened in the last six months but I'll do a brief written summary followed up with some pics.

It was quite an eventful month for Luke. He started eating many more solid foods and he enjoyed all of them. At his 6 month check-up Luke weighed 18 lbs 13 oz (75%) and he was 27 1/2 in long (85%). Toward the end of the month he started sitting up on his own and his first tooth started to come in.

Luke got this horse jumper for Christmas and absolutely loved it! He would jump for hours and if he was fussy all we needed was a ride in the horse. Luke had his first "real" bath in January and loved the water- still does in fact. And just a cute, happy pic to round things out.

We had a low key month in February. Valentine's Day was fun for us all- we went to lunch and then to the toy store to get Luke his first phone so he would quit wanting Mom's. In the middle of the month, Luke started rolling over both ways consistently. He was very excited with his new moves.

We had some nice weather for February and we had our first visit to the park. Luke loved the slide. My aunt and mom came for a visit. And probably the highlight of the month was getting a cowboy hat to go with the horse. This is a favorite picture of ours!

What a roller coaster ride March was for us! Unfortunately, Troy lost his job on March 5. Thankfully, he found a new job by March 27 but it meant moving to Oklahoma City. I was less than excited about moving but Troy was employed and we all know how important that is and how fortunate we were that he found a new job so quickly in this economy. During the month, all the grandparents came for visits- separately of course. They all wanted to give us their love and support. Luke enjoyed all the extra attention and spoiling. Luke also started sleeping without his bouncer which was a major milestone. His acid reflux was getting better plus he was outgrowing the weight limit on the bouncer. Along with this, he also finally stopped wearing a bib all the time (no more spit up!). At the end of the month, Luke's second tooth appeared and he started reaching for me (so amazing!).

You wouldn't think so but these pictures are in chronological order. We were going to enjoy a day at the park in the first one but just after this pic I tripped on some concrete stairs while holding Luke and we both got scraped up a bit so that ended our outing rather quickly. Just playing with Mom in the second one. The last one speaks for itself I think. This was a freak snow storm on March 28. Troy and his dad built this snowman for Luke and we were outside long enough to take a few pictures and that was it. Luke didn't mind the cold and tried to catch the snowflakes.