Monday, November 30, 2009

Horses and the Park

The day after Thanksgiving the guys played golf in the morning and so the girls and Luke needed to get out of the house for a bit. My aunt loves horses (she owns 2 actually) and there is a horse stable here that she wanted to see so off we went. Luke loved watching the horses! He even pet a couple of them.

After seeing the horses, we stopped at our neighborhood park to run off a little more energy. Luke also loves the park especially going down the slide which he did all by himself since there were relatives to catch him at the bottom.

Thanksgiving and a Little Extra

We have had a very busy couple of weeks as I'm sure most of you have- the holidays are always very busy for us. We hosted Thanksgiving for my mom's side of the family this year so I was getting prepared for that. Luke has also been a busy guy.

He went to his first day at Mother's Day Out. He only went for a half day to see how he would do (also how I would do) and he seemed to really like it- no tears at all when I left him. He starts this Wednesday going all day for one day a week. It will be good for him to interact with other kids and give me a break to get stuff done.

The weather until yesterday has been really nice. We have been able to play outside some in the afternoons which Luke loves to do! He gets really mad when it's time to come inside and throws a big tantrum. Those seem to be happening more lately- Luke has definitely developed a mind of his own and lets us know what he wants and when.

Luke's walking has progressed more to running now. He likes to get our attention and then walk/run away and not pay attention to where he's going. He's had a couple of accidents causing a few bruises on his forehead. The new speed has also allowed him to start chasing Maggie more which she occasionally doesn't mind. Luke absolutely adores her and is constantly calling her name.

Last Monday we went back to the doctor for a re-check on Luke's ears. He has been having problems with fluid in them although it doesn't seem to bother him much. The doctor put him on 10 days of amoxicillin to see if it will clear up. He also started taking allergy medicine because he has been rubbing his eyes a bunch and I'm hoping he's not allergic to the dog or cat :(

On Wednesday our company starting arriving. Troy's parents and aunt and uncle also stopped in on their way down to Dallas. My mom, stepdad and aunt arrived about 3 and my sister and her boyfriend got here about 6. We had a great time catching up and entertaining Luke (or was he entertaining us). Thanksgiving Day we had a pretty relaxing morning and didn't rush to get all the goodies prepared. We had friends come from Tulsa for the day as well. We ate our fried turkey (so good) later in the day and Luke enjoyed his first Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. We all thoroughly stuffed ourselves and went to bed pretty early.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Luke has had a rough week! He has done something to his mouth three different times, poor guy. The first happened last Saturday when he wanted me to pick him up and he fell because he was mad that I wasn't picking him up instantaneously (jeez mom) and he slide his mouth down my leg. I didn't think much about it at first but then I noticed the blood- it was everywhere! I'm pretty sure he bit his tongue because it bled forever and even started up again while he was taking his nap. The second and third incidents occurred on Monday. These were the really bad ones! I believe Luke was crawling and had a ball in his hand which slipped out from under him and he really bit his upper lip when he hit the tile floor (sounds awful doesn't it). It was swollen and black and blue already by the time I got to him. The last one happened later in the day when he went to reach for a chair in the kitchen and missed and again hit the tile floor although this time he bit his lower lip. That one wasn't quite as bad and isn't as visible because it's more on the inside of his lip on the opposite side of the first one; however, Luke looks like he got punched in the mouth. His top lip is still a little swollen and black and blue. He was a good sport about letting me take pictures though. Also, notice all of his teeth, thankfully teething hasn't been too bad lately!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playing with Leaves

The weather the last 6 days has been awesome! Yesterday afternoon after Luke got up from his nap we went outside to enjoy the warm temps and get some fresh air. I quickly raked a small pile of leaves for Luke to play in but he wanted no part of it. He had more fun picking up one leaf at a time and handing it to me (we would have been outside until next summer for him to get them all). He also wanted Maggie to take the leaves but she was more interested in the frisbees we had out. One last item of note, when the wind would blow the leaves on the roof would come fluttering down and Luke thought that was really cool! I hope you all are enjoying this fabulous fall weather!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Fun!

This was yesterday. It was nice to spend time outside- Luke loves to be outdoors. He really enjoyed crunching the leaves!

This is last Thursday. I love this t-shirt and I managed to a good picture when he stopped walking around the table (you may think that's no big feat but it is especially since Luke thinks he needs to almost run everywhere).

This is last Wednesday. Who doesn't love a cute pair of overalls!?! Notice one sock is missing- Luke loves to pull his socks off. It's usually both but I guess he forgot one :)


We went to Tulsa to spend Halloween with some friends. We had a nice relaxing day and were able to spend time outside because it was finally a nice day with no rain (we've had a bunch lately). After dinner we went trick-o-treating. Our friends have a son, Henry, who is 4 so he was really excited about going. Erin loves Halloween so she always dresses up and their 4 month old daughter was also along for the ride. Luke wore his dinosaur costume again- he's so stinking cute! Troy and I took turns pulling Luke around in a wagon and also taking him up to the door to get candy. Luke insisted on walking if he wasn't in the wagon and so the pace was a bit slow but he was really getting into walking around. We had a great time and you'll notice that Luke loved the wagon!