Monday, April 30, 2012

WITL Review and Numbers

So I've had all day today to think about and review my WITL project.  A couple of thoughts right off the bat:  I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I did last year; I'm still really glad I kept with it and completed the whole week; I hope that I can find the time to actually make an album out of it rather than just having it here on my blog.  

More thoughts:  1) This project is great at allowing you to really notice the small details of your life that you would not probably otherwise notice--that's cool.  I found several times throughout the week that I would think to myself how awesome the moment was and that I was happy to recognize that.  2) The similarities from this year and last year sort of amaze me because we have a very obvious big difference--Hannah is now a part of our family.  My daily routine is pretty much the same except I get to care for a precious little girl along with my sweet son (life really is good).  3) It was a good reminder for me that even though there are days that it seems like I accomplish nothing I actually do a lot--caring for two children is a big job and some days that is all that can be done.  4) One of my favorite aspects of this project is tracking my blog site meter.  It's so awesome to see how many people read what I'm writing (or at least look at the pictures).  Even more fun is looking at the world map and seeing all the different states and countries these people are from.  Some of the countries include: Canada, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.  The number of states for this week was at least 20.  I love that!  5) Luke was a great sport about letting me take so many pictures each day.  He also took pictures this year.  In fact toward the end of the week he wanted to take more pictures.  And he was constantly asking me what I was taking a picture of--ever my curious boy!  6) I'm glad that I had Troy write down some of his activities so that his handwriting is also included.  I think that will be fun to see down the road.  Maybe next year Luke will be able to write a few things or at least have a page with his handwriting.  

I kept track of some numbers through the week:
Our Ages: Amy-33 years, 7 months    Troy-33 years, 4 months         Luke-3 years, 9 months    Hannah-4 months
Loads of laundry: 9
Meals fixed: 15
Rolls of toilet paper used: 5
Walks taken: 3
Full nights sleep: Troy and Luke-7    Amy and Hannah-2
Trips to Target: 2
Doses of medicine given (kids only): 38
Gallons of Kool-Aid made: 3
Dishwasher runs: 4
Pants size: Troy-35    Amy-8    Luke-3T    Hannah-3/6 months
Pictures taken the whole week: 1079

Until I'm able to show some pics of a completed album or next year's WITL I'll say goodbye to this project on my blog for now.


Yesterday was the final day of WITL.  I have to say I'm glad the recording part of this project is done.  It was fun to record everything but it's also time consuming and I was ready to be done.  We took 154 pictures.

Hannah didn't go to sleep until after midnight on Saturday night and then she was awake at 6:45.  Thankfully I was able to sleep in because Troy got up with Luke.  We had lunch plans with some friends to see their new house.  Luke had fun playing with their son, Grey.  When we got home from lunch we all took a nap.  Hannah again refused to sleep anywhere but on me so we both slept together on the couch.  I was just happy to have the chance to take a nap.  Troy ran to Lowe's while Luke played, Hannah hung out on the floor and I made chicken salad for dinner.  Hannah enjoyed some more rice cereal after we all finished our dinner.  Luke and I enjoyed some chill time in his room before he went to bed.  Then Troy did some ironing and the dishes while Hannah and I hung out in the family room.  He went to bed after we watched the news.  Hannah ate on and off all evening it seemed but finally fell asleep about 11:15.  

I was really hoping that with the cereal and the amount of milk Hannah had last night she would sleep through the night.  No luck.  She woke up at 3 to only eat for 5 minutes and then take 45 minutes to go back to sleep.  I really wish we could figure out a schedule!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today seemed to be a pretty typical weekend day for us.  Luke loves having Troy home on the weekends--he's always in a good mood (well maybe not always but it helps).  I went to the farmer's market this morning with my step-mom.  It was a bit disappointing but I did buy some asparagus and fresh spinach.  I'll be happy when the tomatoes come in.  Luke requested a nap at 11:45 but we made him eat lunch first before I took him upstairs at 1.  He slept until 4:20.  I LOVE that my boy is a sleeper.  While he was napping Troy mowed the yard and I planted some of the flowers I bought this week.  I was hoping for more time outside but Hannah was hungry and once I came inside I didn't feel like going back out.  Troy and Luke went out for some man time and Hannah and I chilled on the couch.  She wouldn't sleep unless she was on me again today so I finally got her to sleep for about an hour.  Troy and Luke brought Chipotle home for dinner--one of our favorites.  My favorite moment of the day was feeding Hannah her first rice cereal after we ate our dinner.  She absolutely LOVED it!!!  It was super sweet because Luke wanted to feed her and did a great job.  Troy put Luke to bed and then we chilled in the family room for a bit watching the Thunder/Mavericks game.  Troy did a quick run to Lowe's and then back to the game.  Hannah fell asleep about 10:15 but I haven't gone to bed yet because of the game and I figured she would want to eat one more time.  I have a feeling it will be a repeat of last night--waking up between 2 and 3 and then again around 6.  Maybe the cereal will sustain her and she'll surprise me.  The Thunder just one the game in the last 9 seconds of the game.  We took 159 pictures today.  I've enjoyed this project but I'm glad tomorrow is the last day.