Sunday, January 22, 2017

Luke's 8 1/2 Year Questionnaire

How old are you?  8
How tall are you?  shrugs his shoulders; I ask him to guess--about 4 feet-ish
How much do you weigh? holds a finger up (like hold on) and goes out of the room--56.0 after returning from the scale
What is your favorite toy? dragons
Favorite book? Rush Revere
Favorite movie?  How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite TV show?  um, Looney Tunes
Favorite food?  french toast
Favorite fruit?  cantaloupe
Favorite snack? chips deluxe minis
Favorite drink? slush (said while drinking a green apple slush from Sonic)
Favorite activity? thinks for a bit--play hide n seek
Favorite color?  green
Favorite sport?  soccer
Favorite song?  that's hard there's a lot of new songs; I can't pick one
Favorite animal?  leopard
Favorite game?  Life
Favorite outfit?  boxers
Favorite holiday?  Christmas
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep?  my cuddle buddies
Best Friend?  Aubree (Northcutt)
When I grow up I want to be?  new store owner
Nicknames?  Munchkin, Lukester, Dude, Luke Dude
Thing I am really good at?  Legos

Some other stats:
Clothing size: 8 slim pants and 8-10 shirts
Shoe size: 1-2
Height:  4 feet 3 1/2 inches
Weight:  56.0 (according to our scale)

Hannah's 5 year Questionnaire

How old are you? 5
How tall are you?  Questioningly, 40 inches.  And then, "I think I'm way taller than 40 inches."
How much do you weigh?  40 tall feet; then, "What does that mean?"; then I say go to the scale and she says, "Oh, yeah!"; she comes back and says 4-9-0 which is 49.0 lbs
What is your favorite toy?  my pink Barbie
Favorite book?  Big Red Barn
Favorite movie?   Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Favorite TV show?  Sophia the First and Curious George
Favorite food?  mac n cheese
Favorite fruit?   strawberries
Favorite snack? fruit snacks
Favorite drink? water
Favorite activity? play Legos
Favorite color?  pink
Favorite sport?   hibernating; I asked for an explanation which she explained perfectly and I said that wasn't really a sport and asked again and she said soccer
Favorite song?   Ariel song
Favorite animal?  giraffe
Favorite game?   Life (we got it for Christmas)
Favorite outfit?   my sparkly dress that I wore to the ball with Daddy
Favorite holiday?  Christmas Eve
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep?   stuffed animals, covers and pillow
Best Friend?   Kayden (Beller); she is so much my best friend
When I grow up I want to be?  a mom and take care of people
Nicknames?   Sugar Bean, Beanie, Hannah Banana
Thing I am really good at?  monkey bars

Some other stats:
Clothing size:  6x at least for tops and 5 or 6 for pants
Shoe size:  13/1
Height: 3 feet, 10 inches
Weight:  49.0 (according to our scale)

The biggest change in the last six months for Hannah is getting hearing aids.  In October her teacher asked us if we had noticed that she may not be hearing everything correctly.  I commented that I thought that at the beginning of the summer but we chalked it up to her being 4 1/2 and just her age.  The school had hearing screenings in November which she failed.  We went to the pediatrician in early December and she recommended we see an audiologist which we did a week later (Hannah had passed the hearing screening at her Feb 16 well child appt).  At the first audiologist appointment we learned that Hannah had mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears in the lower frequencies.  She would need hearing aids (deep breaths for mom and dad).  We met with the audiologist a total of 3 times, the ENT once and had a MRI all in the span of 2 weeks right before Christmas (it was a bit hectic, crazy and stressful).  Hannah actually got her hearing aids before we saw the ENT.  It will probably go down as one of the best birthday presents she'll ever receive and one of the best Christmas gifts for Troy and I.  It was the afternoon of December 20, a Tuesday.  She had choosen turquiose hearing aids and the molds are clear with hot pink swirls and pink glitter.  Troy and I wanted her to pick them out so she could really "own" them as hers.  I wasn't sure about the pink glitter but they look awesome and she was SO proud of them.  It was pretty amazing when she had them in for the first time.  She told Troy, "Daddy, your voice sounds weird."  That's because she hadn't been hearing him correctly since the loss was in the lower frequencies which is typically male voices.  She was very excited to get back to school for her class Christmas party and show off her new hearing aids.  We saw the ENT the next day and he wanted to do an MRI to make sure everything was okay structurally.  He said if that was the case then the cause was probably a delayed birth defect or a genetic anomaly but there wouldn't really be a way to know definatively.  Hannah had the MRI on the afternoon of the 23rd and she was a trooper and held still perfectly for the 20 minute test.  The results were normal.  Hannah has adjusted SO well to her aids.  I've told countless people that it has been harder on Troy and I than it was for Hannah.  Her classmates have not given her a hard time and so far no one else that we've encountered has either.  I pray this will continue to be the case but will not be surprised when the day comes that someone is unkind about them.  One other factor that only time will tell is whether or not the loss will continue to get worse.  This is by far my biggest fear--I pray everyday that this will not happen.