Monday, March 24, 2014

A Video Comparison

I downloaded some new videos from my phone to the computer this afternoon.  It seems that whenever I do that I spend a little time watching some old videos.  Today I was trying to find some videos of the kids at about the same age for a comparison.  Luke's portion is from September 22, 2010.  He's about 26 1/2 months old.  Hannah's portion is from February 14 of this year.  She is almost 26 months.  They both loved/love to sing at this age.  

I think Hannah looks much older than Luke but that may be because Hannah is so much bigger at this age than Luke was.  At his two year check-up, Luke weighed 25 lbs 13.5 oz (just below 50%) and was 33 1/4 inches (between 25-50%).  At her two year check-up, Hannah weighed 31 lbs 11 oz (95%) and was 36 3/4 inches (97%).  Six pounds heavier and 3 1/2 inches taller--that's a big difference!  There is no doubt though that they are brother and sister; they both have chubby cheeks, round faces, button noses and about the same amount of blonde hair.  Love them so much!