Saturday, May 11, 2013

Water Table

Luke has been questioning me for the last 3 months about whether or not it was warm enough to play in the water table.  Well, April 29 it was finally warm enough.  Luke was thrilled.  Hannah was thrilled.  I was thrilled to get a ton of great pics of the two of them.  They played in the water for over an hour.  I know that this was only the first of many, many afternoons outside in the months to come.
 Just had to get his hair wet.
 Maggie needs her frisbee.
 I love that they are laughing together in this one.
 Notice LJ's tongue sticking out in concentration (he gets that from Troy).
 Up on tip toes
 More laughing
 Notice the faint smile
 Happy, beautiful girl
LJ loves to throw a ball up on the roof

Date Night

Troy and I had a date night on April 27.  That's not earth-shattering I know but this was a special date night.  For my birthday Troy bought me a glass blowing session at a restaurant/glass shop.  Now I didn't actually get to do any of the glass blowing but I got to pick out the colors and the shape and size of the glass piece.  We've watched them make pieces before but it's much more fun knowing that you'll get to take the piece home with you.  After watching this, we had dinner and then went to a movie.  It was a great night!


We love our dog.  She has many names: Maggie, Magger Moo, Maggers, Pup, Puppers, Mags.

*She is a very tolerant dog; Hannah is constantly climbing/sitting on her.
*She is a terrible listener and doesn't mind too great.
*She loves to go for walks to the park with us.
*She is terrified of going to the vet.
*She would sleep on our bed if we let her.
*She follows me everywhere.
*She insists on getting her nightly treat the instant the kids are in bed.
*She loves to lay on the patio on cool nights.
*She loves to play frisbee but will not drop the frisbee for anything.
*She pretends to chase squirrels but I really think she secretly likes just watching them.
*She always lays under my chair at meal times.
*Once you start petting her, it's a sin to stop.
*She fits in well with the family; she likes to sleep in.
*She unfortunately has terrible allergies.
*She loves to have 3 pieces of my cereal every morning.
*She is a beautiful dog and we're so happy she's ours.

April Pics

 April 10--Hannah is getting good at stacking the cups.
 April 10--Hanging out with Dad after dinner.
 April 13--Loving bath time
 April 14--LJ found a fun new spot to hang out while he was keeping me company as I cleaned out the flower bed.
 April 16--I truly dislike waking this sweet babe when it's a school morning.
 April 17--She climbed up all by herself.
 April 25--More hang out time after dinner
 April 27--Snack time with Dad
 April 29--For some reason I love this picture.
April 30--I managed to get a clip bow to stay in Hannah's hair for at least 30 minutes.

Family Pics

As you could imagine, it's a challenge to get a decent picture with all four of us.  One, it's hard to do that when either Troy or I has to take the picture and be in the picture.  And two, we have two small children and getting them both to smile and look at the camera at the same time is pretty much impossible.  Last Sunday, the kids were playing with me on the floor so I decided to use my iPhone to grab some pics.  Troy happened to walk by and we got the following pics of the family.  Not superb but not half bad considering it was spur of the moment.  I should mention that Luke is holding lizard.  He has become a fifth member of the family after LJ picked him out at the dentist office.  He eats leaves with us for most meals and has his own lego house.