Thursday, November 14, 2013

2 Houses, 1 Home

So we officially own two houses now.  We signed the papers on our new house this morning.  Gotta love signing your name a gazillion times.  

Troy and I went out to lunch to celebrate.  He didn't have time to go with me to the house after lunch so I went over by myself to check it out again.  It was definitely a different feeling walking in knowing it was ours now.  A quick side note: The alarm was set--I didn't know that.  It went off for what felt like forever (maybe 5 minutes).  Our realtor was pretty quick at getting me the code thankfully!  I found it interesting that the police never came though.  

It was really nice and made me just that much more excited to walk through all by myself and imagine our stuff there.  I really tried to plan out where I'm going to put everything in the kitchen.  It has more storage space (I think) than our current one which will be awesome.

I have to say that this move is totally different than any of our previous moves.  First off, it was completely voluntary.  Second, we are doing all the packing (YUCK!) and the stress has been higher for that reason I think.  Third, we've never moved within the same city (unless you count from an apartment to a house in Houston which I don't really).  And I can't really put into words why but this one is just different emotionally.  I don't know why but it just is for me.  

I had a meltdown on Tuesday night.  Troy and I were talking about moving next Thursday and I said that we should probably have one more really nice dinner here at this house before we move.  He agreed and we decided that Sunday night we would do a nice meal for the 4 of us.  I just started crying.  I'm so ready for this process to be over but at the same time moving out of this house is going to be hard.  There are so many big memories here!  Not that there aren't in any house but I don't handle big change too well and memories/sentimental stuff is really important to me.  It will be tough to say goodbye on Thursday.

Troy made a very good point that a house is just a house it's the people in the house that make it a home.  I've heard this before and agree.  However, moving from one home to another is a big transition.  We are excited about our move; I'll be more excited and feel better once we are there and make some memories to make it feel like a home.  Troy and Luke have already decided that our first meal there should be French Toast.  So Friday morning before the craziness of unpacking begins we are going to have our first meal in our new house and create a memory to make it our home.