Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Much Fun!

Life this week has been most enjoyable! We are currently on Tybee Island in Georgia. This is just a quick post to say how much fun we are all having. Luke absolutely LOVES the beach! He has had so much fun playing in the sand and jumping in the waves. We have enjoyed a day in Savannah, eating out a few times and of course the local seafood is yummy! Luke has even enjoyed shrimp! I have taken tons and tons of pictures and will share them when we get home. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner, Bath and a Tornado

WHAT!!! That was our evening in a nutshell. The McBride's came over for dinner to help us eat up some veggies so they wouldn't go bad while we are away. Ashley made pulled chicken to go with all the veggies I had from the market. It was an awesome dinner although neither of the boys ate very much. Such is the life of a toddler at times.

Before, during and after dinner we had the news and the computer tuned to the weather because of the bad storms in the area. There were a few tornados in the county to the north of us and there was a chance of us having to seek shelter for a time so the McBride's decided to wait out the storm here rather than get caught on the way home. Ashley and I decided it would be fun for the boys to take a bath together and also save each of us some time after we parted ways for the evening. Neither boy was too sure about sharing the tub at first but then they just started playing and having a good time.
Toward the end of the bath Troy came and told us to hurry up because the weather wasn't looking too good. We hurried and went to get the boys into their pj's. During that Troy told us if we wanted to see some rotation then we needed to head outside to join Patrick. So off we go outside to watch the clouds rotating above our house. I should say that we were cautious during all of this and the threat of a tornado had passed even if there was rotation above the house. Ashley and Patrick have never experienced tornado season before and found all of this very interesting and exciting- I keep trying to tell Ashley that it's not always fun and exciting but can be very serious and scary. She listens but I don't think she'll understand until she experiences it first hand. After watching the clouds for a bit we all came back inside and the boys played for a few more minutes before the McBride family headed home. It was a rather exciting evening for a Wednesday night.

LJ's Teachers

Today was Luke's last day of MDO before the summer. I wanted to get a picture with him and his teachers. Ms. Angie is holding Luke and Ms. Jeannette is next to them. Luke loved MDO and it was a wonderful experience; he learned so much.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outside Fun

This is from May 6. Just some random clips that I really liked :)

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday night we went out to dinner at Hideaway Pizza with the McBride's. This restaurant has become our favorite in the past month or so. The pizza is amazing! Luke also loves having Benjamin around to babble with :) After dinner, Ashley and I escaped for a bit and tried to see a movie. It ended up being sold out so we walked around the mall and enjoyed some frozen yogurt. We haven't had a chance to go out without the kiddos before so it was good to get to know each other a bit better and enjoy some girl time.

Saturday was a random day. I got up and went to the farmer's market. When I got home we decided to do a quick Target run. However, on the way to Target, we came across the "Touch a Truck" event. Of course we had to stop so Luke could touch all the trucks. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera so the pictures are still on Troy's phone but the pic below shows the plastic hard hat Luke picked up while we were there. He sat in a police car, police motorcycle and a fire engine, explored a mail truck, saw a dump truck and checked out a school bus. There were others although I can't remember them all. Let's just say that Luke loved them all!

Sunday was also a day spent with the McBride's and numerous other friends. We went to Tulsa for the day. Our first event of the day was attending the 11 service at our old church. It was so awesome to be back there. It really made me miss Tulsa and that church. It is a wonderful place and I think about it often. We caught up with some friends while at church and we sat with them and also had lunch with them. It was great to catch up with Zac and Kelley. After lunch we walked around Mayfest. We enjoyed all of the art and some tasty ice cream. We also were able to meet Emmy Sanders for the first time. She is the daughter of some other friends from Tulsa. It was good to meet her and catch up a bit with her parents.

The whole reason for our trip though was to see our good friend Erin belly dance at Mayfest. We were all very excited to see her dance. It was an awesome show and Erin is much braver than I. It was great to see her show off her moves! The unfortunate bit is that the show didn't start until 2:30 and by 3:15 Luke was toast! He was beyond exhausted as was Benjamin. We didn't have much time to talk with Erin and Darin but it was good to see them for a brief bit of time. I have to say too that Luke absolutely loved the music the ladies danced to. He was shakin' it pretty good and he received many comments from bystanders :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Pics

Just a few recent pictures ;) Enjoy!!
Luke loves to play night, night. He gathers all his diapers and then wants you to lay down with him. It can entertain us for 30 minutes or more.
Outside, outside, outside!! It's all we hear. Luke loves to ride and push his tricycle.
Doesn't get better than some juice, a snack and sittin' outside with your shirt off :)
Troy and I went to my good friend Anne's wedding last weekend. We were college roommates for 1 1/2 years. Her new husband's name is Jason. They were both so happy.
Luke and I on Mother's Day. He loves watching the salad spinner.

Luke was attempting to help Dad make the salad.
Luke and Benjamin playing in the Lego tub this morning. They thought the Legos were mighty tasty.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nasty Weather

The weather was nasty here in Oklahoma yesterday. There were 32 tornadoes across the state. Spring thunderstorms are known to not be too fun. Before Luke, Troy and I enjoyed watching the weather and seeing the big thunder heads roll in. Not so much anymore! Thankfully storms don't bother Luke. However, when the tornado sirens go off, it causes a bit more panic in mom and dad. I called Troy at 4:30 to say that Luke and I were going to run to Target real fast and Troy said nope. The sun was still shining but everyone at Troy's office was making a run for it to try and get home before the storms hit. I turned on the TV to get the latest and quickly realized that we needed a place to go in case it got really bad. The wind was terrible and so I went outside to move some of my flower pots so that they wouldn't suffer too much. While I was outside, I barely heard a tornado siren go off (I later learned it was for OKC rather than us). I rushed back inside, grabbed Luke, the dog and the cat and we made a bee line for Troy's closet which is an interior room next to pipes and under the stairs- the best place for us to go given that we don't have a basement. Troy got home about 5 minutes later and was glad to see us hunkered down in the closet with a bunch of pillows. Troy went to watch TV and keep up on the storm. About 10 minutes later our neighbor called when the tornado sirens started going off here in Edmond. They have an actual tornado shelter in their garage. So again I grabbed Luke, who by now was starting to sense our panic, and ran to the neighbors and down into the shelter we went. Troy quickly followed us. The shelter was a bit cramped and stuffy and more than a little interesting with 2 toddlers but we were safe. After about 15 minutes we no longer heard the sirens or the rain. Troy climbed out and gave us the all clear. We said thank you and came home and had dinner. It was an interesting and slightly panicked hour out of our day- one I don't want to repeat anytime soon; however, we live right in tornado alley so the chances of a repeat are pretty high for this spring. Thankfully we are all okay and safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered damage during yesterday's storms.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MDO Surprise

I had a very nice surprise today when I picked Luke up from MDO. He had made me a Mother's Day gift! It is very sweet and I love that it's made with his handprint. I actually did a scrapbook page the other day with his handprints because I don't want to forget how small and perfect they are. The saying on the flower pot is:

I am like a flower
That's raised with love by you.
You help me grow up
big and strong.
Mom, thanks for all you do.

I have it hanging in the kitchen on one of the cabinets. It's going to brighten my day every time I see it!

Mom's 1st Treatment

My Mom had her port put in last Thursday which went very well and her first treatment started on Monday. Each treatment consists of 2-3 hours in the doctor's office and then she has to have a pump for the next 48 hours. That means she went back to the office today to have the pump removed. As expected, she was anxious to learn more about everything on Monday and have the first treatment done so she knows what to expect. The main side effects with her protocol include tiredness, diarrhea, mouth sores, a sensitivity to cold and a feeling of numbness. Thankfully nausea isn't a major side effect although it can't be ruled out. As of this morning, Mom has experienced a few of the above. Monday night her right hand felt numb and while she was drinking a cold beverage the liquid felt like fire going down her throat just as the nurse had explained it might. This is a real bummer for my mom who loves cold drinks and munching on ice; however, she has said she would take that over vomiting any day (I know I would too). The next few days will be the real test because the doctor said most side effects appear after the medicine has been in the body a few days. So far, pretty good all things considered. As I have said before, she is a strong lady and I know she will get through this. Thank you for your prayers and support!