Friday, May 9, 2014


Some of the moments of our lives the last few months.
 Feb 22--Giant chalk drawing
 Feb 25--A little b-ball at school
 Feb 27--At the library
 Feb 28--Tracing toes
 March 23--Snuggle time
 March 23--Popcorn and milkshakes for dinner (something I did as a kid)
 March 25--Some lovely bed head
 March 30--Playing Legos
 March 30--A round with Dad
 March 31--Park fun
 April 2--Nature art together
 April 7--Checking out the ants
 April 7--Thunder during dinner
April 8--Flying high at the park
 April 12--Beautiful day
 April 17--School swing
April 21--Spin art

The Lasts: As Good as the Firsts

I came across this blog post on Facebook a while back.  It really hit home for me at the time and just now going back and reading it again it struck again.  I think I do a pretty good job of taking in and capturing all the small, seemingly not-so-significant moments in our lives.  Those are the moments I wish I knew more about from my childhood so I try to capture them for Luke and Hannah.  The author of the post reminds us the very first firsts are sweet but so too are the very last lasts--the last time you hear 1, 2, 3, 7, 8; the last day of school before going to kindergarten at a new school; watching the first steps of your last child; understanding that your help isn't quite as necessary as it once was.  All of this is supposed to happen; children are supposed to grow up and flourish and learn; however, for this mama it's just a reminder to enjoy those small moments that really aren't so small after all.

Friday, May 2, 2014


…we are supposed to be in KC but we're here at home.
…LJ is sick with the flu for the second time this season (and hello it's MAY--there shouldn't be any more flu around).
…the kids are watching Frozen for the second time already and it's only 11 am.  (I really like the movie too--good, strong female characters that solve the problem on their own and then get the guy.)
…Troy will be home from work about noon (love 1/2 day Fridays).
…I am hoping to work outside and get some flowers planted.
…I am also hoping for a shower at some point.
…I have the second load of laundry in the washing machine with 3 more waiting to be done.
…some words that Hannah has said:
     --doovie (movie)
     --Hannah do it (a big fav right now)
     --No dress (code for not wanting to get dressed)
     --Mommy, I drawing.  (She wants some paper and pen.)
     --1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10 (We're working on the missing numbers.)
     --A, A, N, N, A (She wants to spell her name.)
…some words that Luke has said:
     --singing and/or belting out the words to "Let It Go"
     --I feel a little better.
     --I want a fruit by the foot.  (He didn't get it since his tummy a bit questionable.)
     --I don't want that medicine.  (The tamiflu does taste terrible.)
…the sun is shining and it's supposed to be a beautiful day.
…I need to remember that these moments at home with my kids are ones I will always cherish, sick or not.