Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing chill day at home for the three of us. This is the first weekend in July that we have been home with no visitors and no plans. As you'll see in the pictures there was much relaxing and lounging and resting. I did make it to the Farmer's Market in the morning and Troy did get the yard mowed (and he found a not so welcome visitor in the yard) but other than that we all enjoyed our time together as a family. We (yep Troy is still participating) took a total of 76 pictures.
My favorite moments of the day: Today was probably my favorite day of the week just in general because we were all home together; when Troy went to pick up dinner, Luke and I snuggled on the couch and talked about the baby and how Luke would be able to help me; I recently ordered a book that I made from my blog and it came in the mail today--I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Quotes from the day (I have a bunch today):
Me: "When Dad is done with the back yard we're going inside Luke."
L: "Mom, let's go in now; I'm hot."

L: "The baby can play with all my toys too Mom."

L: "I love Daddy," reading his fortune cookie.

T: "What do you want to be when you grow up Luke?"
L: "A big brother Dad but I don't want to be big."

A few other tidbits: Luke loves to have Troy get him up in the mornings on the weekends; I think one of Luke's most favorite activities ever is to help Troy mow the yard; I don't know why but taking a nap on Saturday afternoon is so much better than any other day of the week.

Only one more day to document. I'm so glad that I participated in this project.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yesterday was such an improvement over Thursday and I took 96 pictures. Luke was in a great mood and we had lots of fun taking pictures of each other on the steps before heading to his dentist appointment. I have to say that I was most impressed with how Luke handled his first trip and an unplanned trip to the dentist. The assistant first took an x-ray which I couldn't be in the room for and Luke didn't complain about the big plastic piece in his mouth or even move at all for the picture. The dentist came in a few minutes later and Luke leaned back in the chair and opened his mouth up wide. The dentist was really impressed when he learned that this was Luke's first trip ever to the dentist. They then polished the chipped tooth which Luke also didn't flinch or complain about at all. I was holding his hand and he really didn't even need me to do that. He was such a big boy and I was so proud of him! I only wish I could have taken about 20 more pictures but it all happened so fast. Our afternoon was fun too because we made chocolate chip cookie bars--yummy!

My favorite moments of the day: Watching Luke do an absolutely amazing job at the dentist's office. I was so proud of him. Also I checked my blog site meter yesterday afternoon to see if my link from Ali's website had been looked at at all. I was blown away to see that people from 21 different states and 10 different countries have looked at my blog the last 5 days.

Favorite quotes: On the way to the dentist's office Luke said, "Mom, it's a train!" It was a definite highlight for Luke; Luke was very affectionate yesterday as well so I heard, "I love you too Mom," several times throughout the day.

Random tidbits: The chocolate chip cookie bars taste soooo good which is nice because sweets haven't tasted good in a long time; Luke really enjoys playing by himself for a while after breakfast; Luke was pretty upset yesterday morning when Troy wasn't home--we even had to call him before Luke would get out of bed.

Only the rest of today and tomorrow to document. I'm still enjoying this project but I won't be sad when tomorrow comes to a close. I'm still hoping that I can get the album but together within a reasonable amount of time--right now I plan to give myself 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was not a good day. It started out not good and it continued until after I was asleep. Now granted we all have bad days but it seemed like yesterday was never going to end. So my frustrations included: Having an awful time getting dressed because I'm sick of my maternity clothes and them not fitting well; Luke waking up in a grouchy mood and also having to wash his sheets unexpectedly because his diaper leaked horribly; an abnormal amount of temper tantrums to go along with the grouchy mood; a horrible headache for me all afternoon; Troy learning he had some incorrect data for his maps at work which means they all have to be redone by Tuesday so he wouldn't be able to take Friday afternoon off and probably will have to work part of the weekend; Troy having to work late because of the above; I broke a cereal bowl making dinner for Luke; Luke chipping a tooth while playing with Troy; I got 2 prank phone calls at 12:45 am and I had a horrible dream and was awake again at 2:20 am. Despite all this I still found a few things to be grateful for (a good lesson) and recorded a true day in our lives. I also managed to take 56 pictures although I found yesterday to be very hard to document.
My favorite moments of the day: Listening to Luke talk and play with his Legos and trains. He has full conversations with the Lego animals and the trains. I'm loving how much Luke pretends lately. He is constantly entertaining me. My other favorite moment came last night when I learned that my sister will still be able to text while she is in Thailand (she leaves on Monday and will be gone until September 10).

A few quotes: The first thing Luke said to me in the morning, "Is Dad at work?" and Luke telling me how to drive, "It's green Mom. That means you should go," as we sit behind a line of cars.

Some other tidbits: The high temperature yesterday was 107 and the low only 82; I am grateful that when I tell Luke I don't feel well he seems to understand and let's me rest; Luke wanted to wear his basketball shirt like Dad's which I think is so awesome; Luke and I had a very serious conversation at breakfast about how he doesn't want to get big yet. He's worried about being a big brother and just wants to be Luke (a possible clue as to why potty training has completely stalled I think).

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Wednesday started out a bit hectic. Luke didn't wake up at 8:45 and we had to leave the house at 9:25 although we were late. I was dropping Luke off at Ashley's so the boys could play while I got my hair cut and colored. I also knew that I wouldn't take as many pictures yesterday because Luke and I were apart for over 2 hours. I still took plenty though--80 in all. I'm also happy to say that Troy is embracing this project and took probably 15 of those.
My favorite moments of the day: after Luke got dressed he looked at me and realized I had on the new maternity shirt he wanted me to buy last week. He said, "Oh, Mom it's the shirt with the flowers and sparkly things. You did bring it home! It's pretty Mom." One other moment that I enjoyed was watching Dinosaur Train with Luke in my lap. I don't get very many snuggles like that any more.

A favorite quote of the day besides the above: Luke said, "Mom, the kitchen floor is dirty. I'll clean it up for you." Then he got the dust pan and swept part of the floor.

A few other tidbits: I love to clean the sink with Comet and have a shiny clean sink afterward; Luke took a two hour plus nap which allowed me time to take a nap too; Luke fed Maggie all by himself (I usually help him a bit) and he was so proud of himself; the baby was very active all day and I was happy to use my baby bump as a shelf for my yogurt before bed.