Sunday, September 22, 2013

21 Months Old

Hannah is 21 months old today.  It's hard to believe in 3 short months she will be 2!  We've had several changes the last three months.  The main one being Hannah has started going to MDO two days a week.

*Schedule: Monday through Thursday I get Hannah up by 8:10 if she's not already awake.  The other days of the week she's usually awake by 8:30 at the latest.  Hannah still doesn't nap the best.  If she's at MDO, she's napping about an hour.  If she's at home it's usually about 2 hours but sometimes it's significantly shorter.  About one day a week she will take a 3 hour-ish long nap (I like those days).  Since school has started, Hannah goes to bed about 7:30 although on the weekends it is a bit later.

*Stats: Hannah was 27 lbs 1 oz (91%) and 33 5/8 inches (86%) long at her 18 month check-up.  Hannah is wearing 24 month or 2T clothes and pajamas are 2T size.  Hannah's hair is long enough to hold a barrette but she won't leave them in.  It is almost white in color because of the time outside this summer.  When Hannah gets hot or it's humid she gets lots of little curly-ques.  It's so cute!

*Food: Hannah is starting to get more particular about what she's eating.  She seems to be going through spurts of liking/disliking some of her core favorites.  Don't fret, Hannah definitely still likes to eat but her personality is coming through in her choices and how she eats: independent and her way. She still out eats Luke and she always amazes me at how much she can fit in her little tummy.  One new food that continues to amaze me is lettuce.  Hannah loves it.  Her continuing favorites include: cheese, rice, fruit (strawberries and raspberries), macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, yogurt and corn.

*Activities: Hannah is still a constant ball of motion.  She seldom walks anywhere and always asks if she gets to walk when getting out of the car.   Chase and tag are still favorites as is playing with Dad and Luke on the floor.  Hannah really enjoys stacking toys and pushing cars, trains, strollers or just about anything with wheels.  Being outside is still Hannah's most favorite place.  She is very good at helping Luke set the table for dinner.  I'm happy to say that Hannah finally is really enjoying books and being read to.  A new huge favorite activity for Hannah is pushing buttons--on the remote, phone, toys, garage door opener, microwave--she loves all buttons!

Hannah's newest and biggest activity is going to MDO on Tuesday and Thursday.  I knew that this was going to be a big change for Hannah.  I also guessed that it would be either super easy or very tough for her.  Unfortunately it's been a hard transition.  This week starts our fourth week and I'm hoping that maybe she won't cry when I drop her off.  Her very first day she cried off and on all day.  Since then it's been part happy and part sad each time she's gone.  Her teachers told me last Thursday she had her best day and didn't cry too much.  She painted a beautiful picture and absolutely loved it.
*Noises/Talking:  Hannah's new words are too numerous to list.  She's been saying a few sentences: how are you; push buttons please; eat ice cream.  Hannah is still babbling constantly.  She loves to sing; her favorites are Frere Jacques, Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald.  Hannah has also started counting to three.  It usually goes along with one, two, three, go.  We have been working on naming parts of her face and she knows nose, eyes, mouth and ears.  She is also learning what noises animals make.  Her favorite is a moo cow.

It's hard to imagine what life was like before Hannah was here.  She is such a beautiful, smart, independent, loving girl and we love that she is ours!

Monday, September 16, 2013


I have to say I'm very glad this is my last WITL post for this year.  I definitely lost interest and momentum over the weekend.  We took a total of 87 pictures for Sunday.

I didn't have a great start to my day as I woke up with a big headache.  Not a good thing as our plan was to go to the OK State Fair with Grandma and Grandpa H.  Thankfully after some Tylenol, snoozing a bit longer, a hot shower and a coke I was feeling a little better.  We got to the fair before it was too crowded or hot.  Luke and I rode some rides and played at the Lego tent while everyone else did some shopping.  We then had some fair food: hot dogs, bratwurst, curly potato fries, fried peaches and lemonade.  It was starting to get fairly hot and crowded by then and H was ready for a nap so we headed home after the bounce jungle and go karts for LJ and I.  Hannah went down for a nap when we got home and I also took a nap after unsuccessfully trying to get LJ to nap.  After I got up, Troy took a nap--it was just that kind of day.  We just chilled in the family room playing with the kids before dinner.  The kids took an early bath and then H went to bed a bit early and Troy and Luke watched more bike riding before Troy put Luke to bed.  Troy and I cleaned up the kitchen and then hung about before a bit of an early bedtime for us too.
Walking around
Grateful he still holds my hand
Getting ready to go on the caterpillar roller coaster
During the ride
Getting some fried peaches
LJ & I going through the bounce jungle
Go Karts
Gettin' a ride back to the car
Happy girl waking up from a snooze
Helping me blog
Man time in the office
She LOVES to help set the table
Ready for bed

Sunday, September 15, 2013


A pretty normal weekend day for us at home.  We took 138 pictures.  Troy took a ton during Luke's first soccer game.

Our day started out with one of our favorites--french toast!  Troy has become an expert over the last several months.  The kids played with Troy on the floor before we headed out to the backyard to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Our time outside ended a bit abruptly when we found a black widow hiding in the toys.  Hannah and I took a bath and a shower before lunch and Troy one after lunch.  Troy put Hannah down for her nap and then we battle with LJ to get ready for his soccer game.  While the guys go to that (Grandma and Grandpa made an appearance there too), I got ready for dinner and blogged.  Hannah took a decent nap thankfully during all of this.  LJ was disappointed that his team didn't win but he did block a goal!  Luke took a bath and then the kids had snacks and watched Word World.  Troy and I were getting ready for dinner: making salad, appetizers, cleaning the grill, etc.  The Rechlin family came over and the kids immediately disappeared upstairs while H hung out with the adults in the kitchen.  We enjoyed some awesome ribs for dinner and then spent some time outside before coming back in for dessert.  The kids really had a great time playing!  Luke was so excited all week for Lilli to come over.  Luke went to bed a bit late after they left; Troy and I cleaned up the kitchen; I downloaded pictures and we had some down time on the couch before going to bed.
Making breakfast
Berries are her fav!
Let's go this way
My favorite spot in the backyard
Taking a break
Her spot
Her spot (this is how she always lays--looks so uncomfortable)
LJ reversed the pattern on one of these all by himself
Warming up
Going through the rules
Break time
Go Luke!
Snack time
Loves helping in the kitchen
That's as far as she got
Kyla & I watching the fun
Stomp rocket
Notice the hand holding ;)

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yesterday was an on and off day for us.  We only took 68 pictures which is the lowest all week although that's more than enough for this project.  

We went to the zoo in the morning with Grandma.  The weather was absolutely perfect--mid 70's, cloudy and a bit of a breeze.  We had a great time and saw lots of animals.  Troy got home about 10 minutes after we did (he's had 1/2 day Fridays since the summer started and will through at least the end of this year--we really love it).  We all had lunch before H went down for her nap.  Troy took one as well; Luke played with beads; and I blogged along with laundry.  After Troy got up I ran a couple of errands by myself.  Hannah didn't take a very long nap (which she desperately needed) and when she got up the kids watched Word World and had a snack.  I got home and put away the groceries.  LJ went up to his room upset and Hannah kept asking to go night, night.  I knew she wouldn't go to sleep again but we went up to her room and played there a bit before moving over to Luke's room to play.  They really had fun playing with all of LJ's cars.  I fixed dinner and after dinner we played some Wii bowling.  The kids were both really tired and cranky so Hannah went to bed a bit early and Luke watched North America (I think we've watched each episode at least 10 times--he loves it).  I vacuumed downstairs before putting LJ to bed while Troy did the dished and vacuumed the family room.  Troy and I folded laundry and watched TV and messed around on our computers.  After the news, we remade our bed and then went to bed.
Morning feeding
Watching the fish
Flamingos (and us)
We watched this tiger for quite a while
Baby elephant
Beads (he is so into these right now)
My list on my phone
On the way out
My go to back when I'm kidless
Dad had to share his ice cream
Playing very well together
All my love
One of my favs
Not a fav but a must
Headed up
Winding down
He's almost too big to do this anymore (I'm so going to miss it)
Mixing some bread dough
Another must
One of my favorite parts of this project--seeing all those blog hits
All clean