Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, it's been a while since I've posted.  Life has been busy.  November is flying by and it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  Luke was 4 months old on the 10th.  It's going so fast.  We are trying to enjoy every moment.  His favorite things right now are sucking on his hands, kicking his legs super fast, playing on his play mat, being on the changing pad and interacting with mom and dad and he loves bath time.  He also now really likes his swing and takes his naps there on a regular basis.  At Luke's 4 month appointment today, he weighed 15 lbs 4 oz (50% for his age) and he is 25 1/2 inches long (60%).  Luke is holding his head up very well and likes to sit up and stand with help of course.  He also likes to bounce and wiggle and laughs up a storm.  Monday he really found his voice and is talking nonstop when awake.  Troy and I absolutely love it!!  Another milestone happened over the weekend.  On Saturday Luke rolled over for the first time- YEAH!  Because of his reflux he doesn't like to be on his tummy much so I wasn't expecting him to roll over so soon.  Troy and I were on the floor with him and saw him do it.  I was so glad that Troy was home and able to see it with me for the first time.  Luke has changed so much the past 2 weeks- it is absolutely amazing!  We love every minute and can not wait for the next big event to happen.  

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