Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Again

Okay so I said I would try to be more regular about posting. I'm getting better- it's only been 2 months this time :) Writing is not one of my favorite past times so maybe that's the problem or maybe I'm just lazy or maybe being a mom of a 14 month old is busy. I'll let you decide.

It's hard to believe that my birthday is almost here again. What a difference a year makes! So cliche but it's true. Another cliche- how fast the time goes! Luke is 14 1/2 months old already. I miss my baby (he'll always be my baby but he's not really an actual baby any more).

Last night for the first time Luke took 5 steps! My baby is WALKING! He has been working on it so hard the last few weeks. Troy and I have been encouraging him a ton but he always would get an attitude about it- almost like he didn't want to because he could get there faster if he crawled (he is a super speedy crawler). So far today he hasn't taken any more steps but Troy has been at work so maybe he's waiting for Daddy to get home to show off some more skills.

Just fyi I've given up on updating from where I left off. I figure it will be good if I can get one post a week going. However, I do have to put some pictures from Luke's birthday party up because they are so stinking cute!

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