Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Last Wednesday through Saturday Luke and I were in KC visiting my mom and step-dad. My mom had a party to celebrate being finished with chemo or as Luke called it, "Yay Grammy party!" He most definitely enjoyed being the center of attention for a while during the party--Luke is still very much a social butterfly. Some of our other activities included going to the park by my old elementary school (talk about making yourself feel old), enjoying the warmth of the fireplace while playing and/or reading, and the highlight (besides the party) was a trip to Union Station to see the dinosaur exhibit. It was so cool! Luke absolutely LOVED it and had his mouth open in awe almost the whole hour we were there.

One of the most amazing moments to me was right after we got there. We had walked into the first room which was mostly introductory stuff with life-size dinos on a wall and I picked up Luke to show him a skull with large teeth in it and he said, "Mom, it's a fossil." Huh? How old are you and you know that? I hadn't said anything about it being a fossil and he remembered what it was from watching Dinosaur Train. I SO wish I had it on video but I don't think I'll forget it. Luke is constantly blowing me away with his knowledge and memory.

Standing in front of a life-size Triceratops
Awe and maybe a bit of fright
Talking to the baby Stegosaurus
Making the dinosaurs move
Checking out the last of the exhibit
Roaring for Grammy (or maybe a yawn)

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