Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily: 1-6

There are numerous different things I could blog about right now: moving, getting settled, unpacking, Thanksgiving, working through some things with the kids but I'm going to save those for later.  

Can you believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away????  Yikes, so much to do and accomplish before then.  That also means that Hannah is almost 2!!!  WHOA!  But both of those mean it's December and that means December Daily (a project from my favorite scrapbooker Ali Edwards).  I knew it would be hard to complete this project this year but again I'm going to attempt it here on my blog.

Sunday, December 1:  We went to get our Christmas tree.  Our house was/is still full of boxes and stuff needing a new home but we wanted to at least get our tree so we could feel some of the Christmas spirit more.  
They are just the sweetest!

Monday, December 2:  After Hannah woke up from her nap we decided to check out one of our neighborhood parks for the first time.  It was a relatively warm day and we really enjoyed the fresh air.
Still their favorite activity

Tuesday, December 3:  Our elf, Doby, arrived on the first.  Luke really loves waking up and finding him each morning to see what sort of mischief he has created overnight.  He dyed our milk and was sitting in the fridge with his arms crossed because he was good last night.
No judging the sugary marshmallow cereal please

Wednesday, December 4:  We were finally organized enough to decorate our tree.  We waited until Hannah was in bed and Luke, Troy and I had such a good time together.  Luke was really excited about helping this year which made it more fun for us adults.  Luke used a step stool so he could reach up higher and he made a point of asking if his placement was good for almost every ornament.  He and Troy always put the angel on together when we're all finished (makes me nervous each time too).
Carefully, carefully, carefully

Thursday, December 5:  It was a very normal day around here with the exception of the winter storm that came in during the afternoon.  It hit a few hours before I had to get the kids from school and I was glad I got them when I did.  In the short time in took me to go inside and get them both the roads deteriorated rapidly.  I was very happy to be home with them.  Troy was able to leave work early at 3:35 but he didn't get home until 5.  It was a long drive home.  After dinner we all snuggled on the couch and watched "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."
Still early on in the storm

December 6:  Snow day!!!  Troy's office was closed so we got to stay home and be warm.  We waited to go play in the snow until after lunch.  It was still very cold (wind chill about 8).  We knew we wouldn't be staying out long because of the temperature.  I think it is a requirement that it take longer to get ready to go outside than the time you spend outside.  We had a blast!  Luke and Hannah were running and jumping and kicking the snow everywhere.  There is a small hill on one side of our yard that worked perfectly for a short sled ride.  

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