Monday, April 21, 2014

We are...

I'm "borrowing" this title and blog post idea from Ali Edwards.  I figured I needed some inspiration to get back in the blogging mood.  So around our house we are…

…enjoying family dinner time together every night.  Something I don't want to change but know I'll have to be flexible with as the kids get older.

…loving that the weather is warming up and we can play outside.  The kids love the new flat driveway to ride bikes on and Luke is also enjoying playing basketball.

…anxiously waiting for the weather to be warm enough to swim in our pool!  Luke is asking constantly when it will be warm enough.

…looking forward to summer fun.  The kids have only 4 more weeks of school.

…playing lots and lots of Legos.  It is just about the only toy that Luke will play with for an extended amount of time.  Hannah loves to sort them and take things apart.

…ready to be well!  Luke had a stomach bug about 3 weeks ago that lasted over a week and Hannah had it this past weekend (while out of town no less).  Everyone seems to be suffering from allergies too.

…praying that our house will sell.  It's been 6 months.  I'm not going to say more.

…working hard.  Troy traveled last week to Kentucky to sample some core; he really enjoyed the trip.  I'm trying to get the front yard gardens taken care of and also have started our vegetable garden. 

…getting excited about our trip to the beach!  We're going to drive which will also be a new adventure for us.  It's 18 hours!!!

…playing lots of soccer.  Luke is really having a great time on his team this spring.  He has yet to score a goal but he's really made a lot of progress going after the ball.

…challenging mom and dad.  Hannah seems to be in stride with the terrible two's and Luke has starting learning the art of why do I have to listen.

…loving life and having fun and being a family!

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