Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas at Home

We celebrated just the 3 of us at home on December 20. Of course for Troy and I, this year was all about Luke.  We loved shopping for him and our first experience as "Santa" putting together his toys.  Luke absolutely loved hearing the paper rip.  He would squeal in delight with each gift.  Santa brought him a rather large toy that rolls balls down a chute and has an elephant, hippo and monkey to play with as well.  

Santa was also very generous with filling stockings this year.  Luke had two that were stuffed- one celebrating his first Christmas and the other that Grandma Johnson made for him (so neat).  

After our celebration, Troy and I had to pack and get everything ready for our week long trip to Kansas and Missouri to visit family.  Troy joked that the house was so clean and picked up because everything was in the car (we did have an abundance of stuff but all was necessary of course :).  We left the following morning.

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