Monday, January 12, 2009

Troy's Birthday

I can not forget that during the crazy holiday season Troy celebrated his 30th birthday (important to write about such a momentous occasion).  Unfortunately he was out of town on business for the actual day but we celebrated the weekend before.  Troy's parents were in town and watched Luke so the two of us could go out for a nice dinner.  When we got home we had ice cream cake and opened gifts.  

Troy's actual birthday was rather uneventful for him but for myself and Luke it was quite tiring.  Luke refused to take much of a nap that day but during (yes during) dinner he fell asleep in his highchair.  It was incredibly funny; between bites his head fell forward and he was out.  I managed to record the event on video and know that it will be a favorite to watch in the future.

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Jennifer said...

Lil' Bec got excited just looking at the picture of Luke and the blog...reaching for the screen and all. It was so great to be able to see you over Christmas, I am just sorry it was so short. It is always so hectic that time of year and all--for sure next time we will have to hand out longer, but any time is better than nothing!