Thursday, November 12, 2009


Luke has had a rough week! He has done something to his mouth three different times, poor guy. The first happened last Saturday when he wanted me to pick him up and he fell because he was mad that I wasn't picking him up instantaneously (jeez mom) and he slide his mouth down my leg. I didn't think much about it at first but then I noticed the blood- it was everywhere! I'm pretty sure he bit his tongue because it bled forever and even started up again while he was taking his nap. The second and third incidents occurred on Monday. These were the really bad ones! I believe Luke was crawling and had a ball in his hand which slipped out from under him and he really bit his upper lip when he hit the tile floor (sounds awful doesn't it). It was swollen and black and blue already by the time I got to him. The last one happened later in the day when he went to reach for a chair in the kitchen and missed and again hit the tile floor although this time he bit his lower lip. That one wasn't quite as bad and isn't as visible because it's more on the inside of his lip on the opposite side of the first one; however, Luke looks like he got punched in the mouth. His top lip is still a little swollen and black and blue. He was a good sport about letting me take pictures though. Also, notice all of his teeth, thankfully teething hasn't been too bad lately!

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