Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner, Bath and a Tornado

WHAT!!! That was our evening in a nutshell. The McBride's came over for dinner to help us eat up some veggies so they wouldn't go bad while we are away. Ashley made pulled chicken to go with all the veggies I had from the market. It was an awesome dinner although neither of the boys ate very much. Such is the life of a toddler at times.

Before, during and after dinner we had the news and the computer tuned to the weather because of the bad storms in the area. There were a few tornados in the county to the north of us and there was a chance of us having to seek shelter for a time so the McBride's decided to wait out the storm here rather than get caught on the way home. Ashley and I decided it would be fun for the boys to take a bath together and also save each of us some time after we parted ways for the evening. Neither boy was too sure about sharing the tub at first but then they just started playing and having a good time.
Toward the end of the bath Troy came and told us to hurry up because the weather wasn't looking too good. We hurried and went to get the boys into their pj's. During that Troy told us if we wanted to see some rotation then we needed to head outside to join Patrick. So off we go outside to watch the clouds rotating above our house. I should say that we were cautious during all of this and the threat of a tornado had passed even if there was rotation above the house. Ashley and Patrick have never experienced tornado season before and found all of this very interesting and exciting- I keep trying to tell Ashley that it's not always fun and exciting but can be very serious and scary. She listens but I don't think she'll understand until she experiences it first hand. After watching the clouds for a bit we all came back inside and the boys played for a few more minutes before the McBride family headed home. It was a rather exciting evening for a Wednesday night.

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