Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nasty Weather

The weather was nasty here in Oklahoma yesterday. There were 32 tornadoes across the state. Spring thunderstorms are known to not be too fun. Before Luke, Troy and I enjoyed watching the weather and seeing the big thunder heads roll in. Not so much anymore! Thankfully storms don't bother Luke. However, when the tornado sirens go off, it causes a bit more panic in mom and dad. I called Troy at 4:30 to say that Luke and I were going to run to Target real fast and Troy said nope. The sun was still shining but everyone at Troy's office was making a run for it to try and get home before the storms hit. I turned on the TV to get the latest and quickly realized that we needed a place to go in case it got really bad. The wind was terrible and so I went outside to move some of my flower pots so that they wouldn't suffer too much. While I was outside, I barely heard a tornado siren go off (I later learned it was for OKC rather than us). I rushed back inside, grabbed Luke, the dog and the cat and we made a bee line for Troy's closet which is an interior room next to pipes and under the stairs- the best place for us to go given that we don't have a basement. Troy got home about 5 minutes later and was glad to see us hunkered down in the closet with a bunch of pillows. Troy went to watch TV and keep up on the storm. About 10 minutes later our neighbor called when the tornado sirens started going off here in Edmond. They have an actual tornado shelter in their garage. So again I grabbed Luke, who by now was starting to sense our panic, and ran to the neighbors and down into the shelter we went. Troy quickly followed us. The shelter was a bit cramped and stuffy and more than a little interesting with 2 toddlers but we were safe. After about 15 minutes we no longer heard the sirens or the rain. Troy climbed out and gave us the all clear. We said thank you and came home and had dinner. It was an interesting and slightly panicked hour out of our day- one I don't want to repeat anytime soon; however, we live right in tornado alley so the chances of a repeat are pretty high for this spring. Thankfully we are all okay and safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered damage during yesterday's storms.

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