Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catch Up

Okay so doing a WITL really drained my blogging abilities for a while.  We've been busy I just haven't had the desire to write about it.  I'm going to do a quick catch up and hopefully I'll keep up with blogging in the days to come.
4-30:  Luke and I love to watch the birds and squirrels in our backyard.
4-30:  First time playing in the exersaucer.
5-1:  We recently bought a zoo pass for the year.  We went with Ashley and the boys a while back.
5-1:  Hannah really likes to pet Maggie.
5-4:  Eating carrots for the first time.
5-8:  Eating lunch outside last week.
5-9:  Luke's class had a Mommy Party last week for Mother's Day.  The kids decorated cookies for us, sang us 3 songs and made us each a placemat with pictures and their handprint.  Each child was also asked 4 different questions:
1) I love my mom because:  ...she loves me.
2) If I could buy mommy anything, it would be:  ...crackers.
3) I love to shop with my mom at:  ...at the new grocery store.
4) My mom is really good at:  ...cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes.
Way to go me for having a clean kitchen ;)
5-11:  Friday night picnic and a movie--we watched The Muppets.
5-12:  Saturday morning Troy took Luke to Touch a Truck (lots of different equipment to climb on and play on).  Luke isn't a huge fan of loud noises and so they only ended up staying for maybe 15 minutes because Luke was walking around like this and kept requesting to come home.  The sprayer truck was the favorite though.

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