Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's Tee Up

Troy thought it would be fun to take Luke to the driving range for the first time while his parents were here so they could experience that with us.  This may seem a little silly but it was totally and completely awesome to watch Troy and Luke together.  I got tears in my eyese watching the two of them--it was such a sweet moment.  Troy also told me later that he got so wrapped up in the moment and the joy of sharing his love of golf with Luke.  He even recounted the first time he remembers golfing with his dad; that's why he wanted his dad to be along for Luke's first experience.

Luke really had a lot of fun.  Troy and I explained some golf etiquette and rules to him before he took his first swing.  Then Troy helped him tee up and he was swinging.  Of course he didn't hit the ball every time or even most of the time on his first swing but he did manage to hit the ball within a couple of swings.  A few of his hits were pretty good for a first attempt.  Troy did the majority of the coaching although I did help Luke with a few drives.  The one we hit together went about 15 feet or so.  Luke did let Troy help him swing a few times but he really wanted to do it all on his own.  He was very determined.

After Troy and Luke hit a half a bucket of balls we moved to the putting green.  Troy explained a few more rules before he and Luke putted around for a while.  Luke even yelled his signature, "Get it in the hole!"  He says that frequently when we're watching golf on TV.

Speaking of watching golf on TV--on the way to the driving range Luke and I had this conversation (Troy and his dad drove seperately):

L: "Mom, who's going to watch the TV?"
Me: "What?"
L: "Who is going to watch us on TV?"
Me: "We're not going to be on TV Luke."
L: "But somebody has to watch us on TV because we're going to play golf."

It dawned on me then that Luke has only experienced golf by watching it on TV so he assumed that he was going to be on TV and he wanted to know who was going to watch him since we weren't at home to watch the TV.  Grandma was chuckling pretty good throughout this conversation by the way.

Me: "Only really, really good golfers are on TV Luke.  If you want to be on TV and play golf you have to practice a whole bunch to be really good.  Then maybe if you're lucky you can play golf and be on TV."
Luke: "Okay Mom, I'll really like golf and practice a whole bunch."
Me: "Great plan Luke."

I can only imagine how thrilled and proud Troy and I would be if Luke loved golf enough to become a professional golfer.  And now on to the pictures :)

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