Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Weekend Activities

We spent Easter weekend in Kansas City at Grammy and PawPaw's house.  We arrived in time for dinner on Thursday night and left after breakfast on Monday.  It was a very nice long weekend.  We did a ton of stuff while we were there and had a great time doing it.
Friday morning Grammy, Luke and I went to an arts and crafts store and made sand art.  Luke really loved it! (Thanks to my friend Jen for the gift certificate.)
 Friday afternoon we spent a little bit of time walking around on the Plaza and taking pictures with all of the Easter decorations.  This has been a tradition since I was a little girl.
 Not the best family shot but we're all in the picture and it's the only one of just the four of us from the weekend.
 Hannah likes asparagus!  She ate 4 pieces throughout the evening.
 Playing ball with Grammy is lots of fun!
 Getting a backrub from PawPaw is a great way to start off a nap.
 Saturday morning we went to a community egg hunt.  Hannah wasn't too sure what to do at first but she figured it out and grabbed a good number of eggs.  Luke is a pro at this now and it's hard to get a focused picture of him because he was moving so fast.  Luke sat with the Easter bunny and Hannah ran as fast as she could from the Easter bunny.
 Saturday afternoon was egg dying time.

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