Monday, April 22, 2013


Some tidbits of late...

*Luke had a play date today with a friend, Nick, from school.  It seems odd to say but this was sort of his first play date in the sense that I'm not friends with the mom and I didn't stay with him.  He was very excited about it although when I explained I wouldn't be staying he seemed a bit hesitant.  I knew he was fine when he disappeared into Nick's room without saying goodbye.  Nick's mom dropped him off and said that it was the best playdate she's ever experienced (she has an older daughter).  Luke said he had a great time as well.  Hooray for a successful play date!

*Hannah had her 15 month appointment about a week ago.  She weighs 25 lbs, 8 oz which is the 81% and she's 32 1/2 inches long which is the 93%.  Poor thing had to have 2 shots--she was less than pleased to say the least.  Everything else looks great according to the doctor.

*Troy was in Houston all last week.  The kids and I had a good week considering that.  We had dinner several times with Grandpa, Grandma and Kristi and Wesley which helped a bunch.  Luke also had a 33 star week; the most he can earn is 35.  That was a fantastic part of the week :)

*Hannah has really gotten into "reading" books.  She wants to have one in her hand any time we are in her room and she also has several downstairs that she will randomly grab, sit down and look at.  It is still sometimes difficult to actually sit with her and read a book but I love that she is so interested in them now.

*Our neighborhood is having a garage sale May 4.  We have a TON of stuff that we are going to try and get rid of.  But I have to say that getting ready for a garage sale isn't much fun.  

*We are supposed to have another hard freeze tomorrow night.  It's the end of April!!!  This is not supposed to happen at the end of April.  I did go to the nursery yesterday and buy some plants.  They are currently sitting in the garage until probably Wednesday when it warms up again.  I have normally planted all of my pots and any annuals in the yard by this time.  Mother Nature needs to get herself straightened out!

*Hannah's new words: boo (book), o you (love you), pee a boo (peek a boo), down, and she's counting.  Granted it's not truly understandable numbers but she'll repeat 1-4 if we say them to her. 

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