Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Right Now...

...I'm typing this post standing at the bar ledge in our kitchen.
...Hannah is asking for her milk, saying, "Mil, mil?"
...LJ is at Grammy and PawPaw's house until late Friday.  I miss him.
...Troy is at work and currently in a meeting.
...I'm planning to grill some salmon for dinner and have a caesar salad and asparagus to go with it.
...there is a third load of laundry in the dryer for the day.
...I should be working on making LJ's birthday invitations.
...surprisingly, there are not a thousand toys all over the family room floor.
...I'm wishing I had more tomatoes growing on my tomato plants but I'll take the 4 I have.
...my favorite saying of Hannah's is, "Than you mum."  I really need to get it on video.  It's adorable.
...my gardens desperately need to be weeded but it's so hot I have no desire to complete the task.
...Hannah is eating pretzel goldfish for a snack or nack, nack.
...I'm happy to say that the TV has not been on all day--really like that.
...I'm currently reading my fourth Inspector Gamache novel by Louise Penny.  Great books!
...Troy and I are talking about how realistic it would be to put in a pool.
...I'm really looking forward to the "cold" front that's supposed to come next week.  Highs only in the upper 80's for the beginning of July.  Yippeeee!
...it's time for me to go. :)

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