Monday, August 26, 2013

Branson Vacation

As I mentioned previously, we took a vacation to Branson July 27-31.  We went with Troy's parents and brother and sister-in-law to celebrate Lowell's 70th birthday.  We stayed at the Stillwaters Resort which was located right on Tablerock Lake and about 15 minutes outside of Branson.  It was a great place!  Each family had their own room and we all had kitchenettes.  Our first day we basically just checked-in, unloaded the car and we played in two of the pools--Luke went down the water slide countless times.  We had dinner in our room with everyone.

Our other activities included:
*Riding the Ducks--Luke and Hannah loved the quackers we all got.
*Going to the Dixie Stampede show--this was really fun.  We all really enjoyed the show.  Luke loved watching all the horses.
*Playing golf--as part of Lowell's present, the guys including Luke played golf on a really nice course.
*Playing miniature golf--Luke's loves to play any type of golf; we all really enjoyed this too.
*Pool time--this was mostly Troy and Luke going down the water slide; there were 3 pools and one had the water slide, one was an adult pool and the other was fun for the whole family.  We did enjoy the family pool a couple of times too.
*Jet skiing--Troy, Todd and I split an hour on a jet ski.  Troy had never been on one and so we rode together for a bit and we all had time alone as well.  It was super fun!
*Cave touring--before everyone else left (we stayed an extra day), we went on a tour of the cave I used to work at the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college.  Troy has been before but I really wanted Luke to see it.  It was a really wet tour because of all of the rain Branson has had.

(yes, I did remember to take my glasses off)

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