Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Stuff

Okay, blogging has taken a back seat lately.  I'm okay with that but here are a bunch of things that have been floating around in my head and happening recently.

*Luke had his 5 year check-up last week.  He weighed 39 pounds (34%) and is 42 1/2 inches tall (39%).  He is definitely on the smaller side for his age but his growth curve is perfect and the doctor was happy with his progress.

*Hannah really has enough hair now to see lots of ringlets in the back if it's really humid or she's hot.  I LOVE IT!!!!  My mom says it reminds her a lot of my hair.

*Troy is really loving his new group at work.  He loves the science aspect of looking for prospects and doing the research (I wouldn't like to do that part at all so I'm really glad he likes it).  We have all been enjoying that he gets to be home around 5:15 too.

*Last weekend we were near Branson celebrating the wedding of Kristi and Kevin.  They had a perfect sunset ceremony outside at their house with basically just family.  We are thrilled for them and wish them much happiness.

*We also spent the last weekend in July in Branson with Troy's parents and his brother and sister-in-law.  We were celebrating Lowell's 70th birthday.  The weather was surprisingly perfect or even a bit chilly.  We had many fun times and I'm hoping to do a post about the trip with pics soon.

*My mom and sister have both recently spent some time with us in OKC.  It's always fun for the kids to have an extra playmate around and I enjoy getting a few more things done.

*Both kids will start "school" the week after Labor Day.  Luke is very excited about going back; Hannah has no clue what's about to happen; and I am also very excited about having a few days a week to myself to get things done.

*This weekend I am going to the scrapbook convention in Tulsa.  I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and will be back late Saturday afternoon.  I get to stay in a hotel room all by myself.  Let me say that again, I get to stay in a hotel room all by myself.  Yes, I'm really looking forward to it :)

*On a sad note, my Uncle Jim passed away on Monday.  He hasn't been feeling well for about a month but the doctors determined last Thursday that he had stage four lung cancer.  We are very grateful that he passed quickly and didn't suffer much and that he is now in a better place.  I am in KC today for the funeral.

I hope to have some time this weekend while I'm alone in my hotel room to blog and get some pics posted of our recent adventures.

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