Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Terrific 2!

This post is a bit late.  Moving, holidays, company and sick kids have delayed it--all real life stuff.

Hannah is 2!!!  Her birthday was a low key day but a fun one for her none the less.  I'll do a post on it hopefully soon.

*Schedule: Her schedule hasn't changed much.  Monday through Thursday I get Hannah up by 7:45 if she's not already awake.  The other days of the week she's usually awake by 8:30 at the latest.  Hannah still doesn't nap the best although over Christmas break she's done well (consistency is good).  If she's at MDO, she's napping about an hour.  If she's at home it's usually about 2 hours but sometimes it's significantly shorter.  About one day a week she will take a 3 hour-ish long nap (I like those days).  Hannah is still going to bed between 7:30 and 8 although on the weekends it is a bit later.

*Stats: Hannah had her 2 year check-up this morning.  She weighed 31 lb 11 oz (95%) and she was 36 3/4 inches (97%).  We have a tall girl on our hands.  Hannah is now wearing at least 2T clothes and some 3T.  At her appointment this morning they asked how many teeth she has so I looked to double check.  At least one of her upper 2 year molars has come through (she wouldn't let me get another good look to check the others).  I don't think I've mentioned that her eyes have remained a very brilliant blue.  Her hair is almost to a point where it needs a trim--basically just her bangs so they'll be out of her eyes.

*Food: Hannah's appetite has dropped off dramatically.  I can no longer count on her eating whatever I put in front of her.  She has even stopped eating so many black beans and guacomole/avocados.  She is not a big fan of meat but still loves cheese.  Breakfast and dinner are the hardest meals--we never know if she'll eat anything or not.  Lunch tends to be good although it too can be iffy sometimes.  She still out eats Luke although not with as much frequency.  Her favorites include: cheese, rice, fruit (strawberries and raspberries most but any will work)

*Activities: Pretty much any activity for Hannah involves a declaration of independence.  She wants you to play with her but on her terms and you have to do what she wants you to.  I've had several comments that this will be a huge asset later in her life; let's just hope we all survive her teenage years :)  Hannah has really gotten into role playing with dolls.  She loves to push them in a stroller or play dress up with some new dolls she got for Christmas.  Another big activity for Hannah is playing with Legos.  She would love to play with Luke's Legos but for now she gets to play with the Duplos.  She's really good at building towers.  Pushing buttons of any sort is still a big thing for Hannah.  Dancing is also a favorite especially in the car.  She insists that whoever is in the car dance along when there's a good beat.  Reading books, coloring/drawing (especially tracing hands), helping and going bye-bye are all big on Hannah's list of things to do.

*Noises/Talking:  Hannah's new words are too numerous to list.  She learns new words every day it seems.  Her sentences are also getting longer--some are 4 words long.  And she definitely is saying longer phrases we just don't know exactly what she's saying yet.  Singing is still a favorite thing.  By far her favorite is Frere Jacques or as she says it Frere Jacq, Broder John.  Other cute words:
     --Kleenex: Kleenuck
     --Waffle: Affle
     --Music: Musac
     --Football: Fooball
Hannah is also starting to count.  It goes something like: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 and then she says some teen numbers but they're not clear yet.  We've been working on the 4-5-6 part :)

*Random:  Hannah loves pockets (or pock).  She gets very excited when she finds pockets in her pants or coats.  Hannah also has really gotten into trains.  It's no wonder with all the train stuff we have around here but I'm thrilled that all of our Thomas stuff will be used again.  Hannah loves shoes (which is not really a big surprise considering her family history).  Grandma and Grandpa H got her some red cowboy boots for her birthday; they are a huge hit!

And now for the cute pictures:

We had some professional 2 year pictures taken last Saturday.  It's supposed to take about 2 weeks to get them back.  I can't wait!  The photographer said it was probably her best 2 year photo shoot ever; Hannah was really in a good mood.

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