Friday, May 9, 2014


Some of the moments of our lives the last few months.
 Feb 22--Giant chalk drawing
 Feb 25--A little b-ball at school
 Feb 27--At the library
 Feb 28--Tracing toes
 March 23--Snuggle time
 March 23--Popcorn and milkshakes for dinner (something I did as a kid)
 March 25--Some lovely bed head
 March 30--Playing Legos
 March 30--A round with Dad
 March 31--Park fun
 April 2--Nature art together
 April 7--Checking out the ants
 April 7--Thunder during dinner
April 8--Flying high at the park
 April 12--Beautiful day
 April 17--School swing
April 21--Spin art

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