Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Yesterday was a pretty normal day around here.  Troy went to work; Luke went to school; Hannah and I ran errands and went to the park before lunch and nap time; and the kids played outside after LJ got home.  Then it was dinner and more time outside before bed for the kids.  Troy and I relaxed and watched some TV before going to bed (too late I might add).  
Some observations/gratitude:  
* Hannah has sort of been in a funky mood lately and it's getting better but there was still evidence of it.  She was also very congested--not sure if it's allergies or a cold. 
* LJ was out of bed without my prompting which is always a great thing.  
* I didn't sleep well Sunday night so I was grateful that I had a chance to take a short nap while H was napping.  I know it made the afternoon more enjoyable for all.  
* Luke asked me before bed if we could pray before we turned out his lights--no problem munchkin.  We talked about it for a few minutes and I gathered this: he's been praying by himself at night but he wanted me or Troy to start sitting with him while he says his prayer.  He told me that he wanted to pray silently with me sitting next to him.  I could hear him whispering but couldn't understand anything that he said.  

Favorite moment:
After dinner we all rode our bikes around in the driveway for about a half an hour.  The kids really thought it was great that mom and dad were riding too (even though our tires were sort of flat).

Pics Taken: 160

My morning friend

Easy, simple and fast


I always like to have this for the week.

It drives me crazy that he twists the tube like this but it's definitely one thing to not stress over.

It's too bright!

Beautiful sunrise on the way to school

One of my least favorite chores

"No pigtails today, Mom."


Sam's Club--she loves to hang on to the outside of carts


So glad she will sometimes still hold my hand

Love this smile!

Stories before nap time

She was sound asleep when we had to leave to get LJ from school.  I really hate waking her up.


Loves her frisbees


We absolutely love this tree--beautiful colors all year long.

Always wants to be outside 


Playing with golf balls


Dinner (not much battle tonight)

Still have lots of red and green tomatoes growing--love it!

So glad that he participates in this project too.

My love

Troy finally convinced him to try and ride this bike.  He had so much fun and didn't want to go inside.  He requested that we ride bikes after school on Tuesday.


Happy face

Whoa--look out!

Brushing teeth

Doing the dishes

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Helen said...

Loved seeing a glimpse of your day! Your kids are gorgeous!