Thursday, October 30, 2014


Another normal day.  Troy at work, Luke at school and Hannah and I hanging out.  Since H had a low grade temp last night I decided to just stay home and chill with her today.  After dropping LJ off we came home and she wasn't ready to eat breakfast yet so she watched Daniel Tiger and then ate.  She then wanted to watch another show and I agreed since I wanted her to rest a bit (normally we don't watch TV in the mornings).  I'm doing laundry and picking up around the downstairs.  H wants to go outside so we go for a walk which turns into riding her bike up and down the sidewalk (not very restful but fun).  We came in about 11 so H can eat lunch and get down for her nap.  As I was fixing my lunch there was an earthquake (it's becoming pretty normal here in OK).  I learned later it was a 3.3.  I ate lunch, folded laundry and watched 19 Kids and Counting--Jill's Wedding.  I heard H about 1:30 (not good).  I changed the laundry and worked on organizing my scrap room and didn't get her up until 2:30.  We went to get LJ and went to the Uniform Club to get LJ some more winter stuff.  After a quick stop at the bank we were home again.  The kids insisted on watching Curious George Boo Fest for the third day in a row.  I love hearing them laugh while they watch it.  I finished making treat bags for LJ's fall party today and attempted to blog.  Hannah had several discipline issues during the show.  We have had a really hard time with her hitting and not listening lately (more than a little frustrating).  When the show was over we all got ready to meet Troy out for dinner and pumpkin picking.  We enjoyed dinner; I enjoyed not cooking; and we had fun picking out our pumpkins.  Once home the Legos were picked up upstairs and then the kids went to bed.  I emptied the dishwasher, folded more laundry, picked up some more (our cleaning lady was here today) all while watching game 7.  Troy was glued to the TV.  Unfortunately, the Royals lost.  We were both pretty bummed.  I fixed lunches and then got ready for bed.  After reading for a bit we turned our lights about 11:20.

*It is pretty chilly this morning.
*Maggie follows me everywhere.
*After school traffic is awful.
*Hannah didn't have a temp today but we stayed home and took it easy anyway.

Favorite Moment:
Picking out our pumpkins

Pics Taken: 101

Morning cleaning

Why is this so never ending?

LJ is in there somewhere.  He really doesn't like me to turn on the light in the morning; I only did so to get the pic.


Still not awake


Walking in

Decisions, decisions...

It's more fun to sort than to play.



Test run

Love shadow pics--Maggie, Hannah and I

So fun

Picnic lunch (one of the MOST favorite ways in our house to have lunch)


I said never ending, didn't I?

Curious George (again)

Ready to go


Love, love, love

And love, love, love

Boy side

Girl side

Mommy's night

Good night

Dad's night means reading Star Wars

Let's go Royals!

Fun delivery today

Her usual spot in the evening

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redstickwriter said...

What a treat to read your first four WITL posts and see the accompanying pictures. You are really good at nurturing an environment conducive to family love and fun, and you are also one heck of a chronicler. What a team you and Troy have become, and those kiddos are a delight. Love, Paw Paw