Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hannah's 4 1/2 Year Old Questionnaire

How old are you? 4
How tall are you?  4 and I asked again and got the same answer
How much do you weigh?  says nothing but puts fisted hands up in the air; I ask her if she wants to weigh herself and she goes to do that; comes back and says 45 pounds
What is your favorite toy?  um, I have a lot to choose--so what's your favorite and after much coaxing and explaining and rephrasing she says my stuffed animals
Favorite book?  Princess
Favorite movie?   All Creatures Big and Small and How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite TV show?  Sophia, the 1st
Favorite food?  chicken
Favorite fruit?   strawberries
Favorite snack? pirate booty, I love pirate booty
Favorite drink?  Sprite
Favorite activity?  watch a movie
Favorite color?   red, turquoise and pink
Favorite sport?   riding bikes in the driveway
Favorite song?   "Fight Song" and Taylor Swift
Favorite animal?  polar bear, I mean penguins
Favorite game?   puzzles
Favorite outfit?   I love to wear my big skirt, the long one
Favorite holiday?  um, snow
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep?   pony and baby
Best Friend?   she described a friend in her camp that she's in this week; I couldn't understand the name she said; if I answered this question for her I'd say her brother is her best friend
When I grow up I want to be?  police officer
Nicknames?   Sugar Bean, Beanie, Hannah Banana
Thing I am really good at?   cart wheels (not sure I'd agree although she did a lot of them today) I'd say she awesome at coloring and drawing.

Some other stats:
Clothing size:  6 for tops and bottoms
Shoe size:  12
Height: 3 feet, 8 inches
Weight:  45.0 (according to our scale)

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