Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Luke's 8 Year Old Questtionaire

How old are you? 8 
How tall are you? um, don't know  (Guess--last time I checked I was 4 feet 6 inches)
How much do you weigh? I'll go check--heads to the scale--comes back and says 55.0
What is your favorite toy? dragon toys, of course
Favorite book? Rush Revere and Spirit Animals
Favorite movie?  How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite TV show?  Odd Squad
Favorite food?  french toast and pancakes and then added Dad's french toast
Favorite fruit?  cantaloupe, loupe, loupe
Favorite snack? fruit snacks, no chips ahoy (big sigh from mom)
Favorite drink?  milk, no root beer, no fanta grape
Favorite activity? play with dragon toys
Favorite color?  green
Favorite sport?  golf
Favorite song?  "Stitches" and "Shake it Off"
Favorite animal?  leopard and jaguar
Favorite game?  hum, hum, mousetrap
Favorite outfit?  swim suit--means your going swimming
Favorite holiday?  When Jesus was born
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep?  pillow doggy, blankets, toothless and pluto
Best Friend?  Aubree (Northcutt)
When I grow up I want to be?  movie designer, I want to design two new movies about How to Train Your Dragon movies
Nicknames?  Munchkin, Lukester, Dude
Thing I am really good at?  Lego building, of course

Some other stats:
Clothing size: pants 7 or 8 slim; shirt 8 
Shoe size: 1-2
Height: 4 feet, 2 inches
Weight:  55.0 (according to our scale)

All of his answers were said with some sort of accent or strange or crazy voice while he was building some Lego models he got for his birthday.

He had a party at Laser Quest on Saturday, the 9th.  Grandma and Grandpa J and Grammy and PawPaw were here and after the party we swam before having ribs, corn on the cob and cantaloupe for dinner at Luke's request.  On Sunday, his actual birthday, we had french toast for breakfast at LJ's request and then the grandparents left and he opened his presents from us and Hannah.  In the afternoon Grandma and Grandpa H came over to swim and Luke requested Olive Garden for dinner.

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