Thursday, August 14, 2008

July 11, 2008- Holding Luke for the first time

We were not able to hold Luke until the day after he was born because he was so early and the doctor did not want him to get over stimulated.  It was so difficult to only be able to look at him and touch him briefly that first day.  Thankfully, I was able to hold Luke the next morning.  Kangarooing is what the nurses called it- holding him bare skin to bare skin.  It helps develop the bond between parent and child.  

What an amazing moment to hold your child for the first time!  My heart absolutely melted- what a precious gift God had given us.  Because it was important for Luke to not be overstimulated I was the only one that was able to hold him in the morning.  Troy was able to hold him later in the day though.  If the nurses would have allowed it, I would have sat in his room and held him all day long.  Just awesome!!!

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