Friday, March 12, 2010

Low Key

This week has been super low key. Luke and I haven't done much because all of us have had some form of the stomach bug that seems to be going around. I left last Friday morning for KC again to visit Mom because she was still in the hospital (she's much better now and has been home since Sunday). Friday night Luke didn't eat anything for dinner and a little while later he threw up all over the coffee table in the family room- yuck! Saturday morning he was in his high chair and had a major blowout! Troy really got a good dose of being a dad while I was gone. Unfortunately, early Sunday morning Troy was really sick too- throwing up and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. He didn't go to work Monday and came home early Tuesday. I got the mild version of all of this and just haven't felt right all week. None of us have had much to eat until yesterday. Thus the reason behind our low key week.

Luke didn't even go to MDO on Wednesday much to his disappointment. It's amazing to me that he knows what day that is every week. In an effort to still make the day special and cheer him up, I got out all of his wooden trains. We don't play with them very often because they are still a little beyond his age and he needs constant supervision so he was totally psyched to have them out! We had a lot of fun putting together a track and Luke really enjoyed pushing the trains up and down the bridge. I love Luke's smile in the bottom picture- it really shows how much fun he is having!

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