Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st Day of MDO

Today is Luke's first day of MDO for the year. We went to meet his teachers last Wednesday which went okay but not great so I was expecting a few tears this morning but no. Luke did great! We gathered all of his stuff together last night and he enjoyed playing with his backpack although the little stinker wouldn't let me take a picture of him (so I took about 50 to get some decent ones). Luke also tried on his new tennis shoes which made him look much too old and like a big kid :(

This morning when I got Luke out of bed I told him that we would be going to school today and he said, "Not right now." In Luke terms that means no I don't want to do that. Well, we got ready although Luke didn't eat much breakfast (that's not a huge surprise) and Luke was very excited to carry his backpack again. This morning though it was full of his stuff and he told me it was heavy. We put on his new shoes which he also really likes and off we went in the rain to school.

I carried him inside the building because of the rain and then he walked to his room with his backpack on--such a big kid!! Luke was definitely hesitant when we walked in the room but he didn't grab onto me or start crying. We found his cubby and put his backpack in it. Luke was watching another little boy who was quite upset and so I told him that the boy was sad and maybe he could go play with him to help him feel better. Luke slowly walked toward the boy and I quickly gave him a kiss and said goodbye. I was very impressed by how well things went this morning. I'm already anxious to know how the whole day is going.

These two are from last night.
And these are from this morning.

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