Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luke's Summary of MDO

Luke had a good 1st day of MDO. The first question his teachers asked me when I got there to pick up Luke: Does Luke talk a lot when he's trying to go to sleep? Yep, that's my son. I just laughed. But much to my surprise Luke did take an hour nap today. That was a rare occurance last year at MDO so maybe this year will be different.
This was Luke's and my conversation on the way home:
Me: Did you have a good day?
Luke: Yep, I played with toys.
Me: Did you make new friends?
Luke: Yep.
After a pause, Luke again: It was nice.
Me: Did you listen to your teachers?
Luke: Yes.
Me: Did you eat lunch?
Luke: Yep, sat in a chair.
Me: Did you take a nap?
Luke: Yes, Elmo did too. (The kids can take one animal for nap time.)
Me: Did you play in the gym on the mats? (It rained all day.)
Luke: Yep, fun.
Overall a good day and an excellent conversation for 26 months old.

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I loved this post. You are so lucky to be able to converse with Luke on a frequent basis. Thanks for sharing. One day Luke will thank you, too.