Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last night before I went to bed I went upstairs to check on Luke as I always do. On many occassions I have found him in various positions of uncomfortableness--at least to me they would be. Last night takes the cake though. I couldn't take a picture because the flash wakes Luke up (I learned that the hard way). So picture this: Luke is curled into a ball with his legs tucked under him with his head facing the foot of the bed; his right arm is pulled out of his sleeve and sticking out from the bottom of his shirt; and his left arm is pulled out of his sleeve and sticking out of the neck hole of his shirt so his whole back is bare and he's freezing. Can you picture it? I had to really bite my tongue not to laugh out loud. The other crazy part was I had to put his shirt back on correctly and in his sleep Luke helped me. He pushed his arms into his sleeves and then rolled over and was sound asleep again. Sweet, sweet boy!!!
As a side note, Luke did successfully remove his shirt early this week during nap time. I don't know if he did it before or after he slept but he was very proud of himself when I went to get him. It really surprised me because he had never done this before. I can't wait until he figures out his pants and then his diaper :)

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Ashley M said...

hhahahahahahahahaahah! that boy makes me laugh.