Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Different Perspective

THREE NICKNAMES: Munchkin, Lukester, Kiddo

THREE THINGS I LOVE: playing outside, racing cars, playing hide and seek

THREE THINGS I HATE: not getting my way, coming inside, going to sleep (although it's only because I want to explore and not because I cry and get upset)

THREE THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why I have to get dressed every day, why the weather won't just stay warm so I can be outside whenever I want, why I can't watch TV all day long

THREE THINGS ON MY FLOOR: lots and lots of books, a few stuffed animals, the blanket for my tent

THREE THINGS I AM DOING RIGHT NOW: waking up from a three+ hour nap, coughing horribly from my allergies, waiting for mom to quit writing this blog and get me out of my room

THREE THINGS I CAN DO: take off my shoes (when I want to), help brush my teeth, let Maggie in and out

THREE THINGS I CANNOT DO: go to the bathroom consistently on the potty, eat my vegetables, go more than 1 day without whining (I think it's a little unrealistic for mom and dad to expect this but they tell me it's not)

THREE WAYS TO DESCRIBE MY PERSONALITY: carefree, happy, extremely observant

THREE FAVORITE FOODS: hot dogs, noodles, pears

THREE FOODS I DON'T LIKE: vegetables, yogurt, vegetables

THREE BEVERAGES I DRINK REGULARLY: milk, sugar-free kool-aid, V8 Fusion juice

THREE SHOWS I WATCH: Dinosaur Train, Thomas, Sesame Street

THREE FAVORITE BOOKS: Berenstain Bear books, a new book Grammy brought me this week--Tickle Monster (mom highly recommends this one), Dr. Seuss books

THREE PEOPLE I LOVE TO PLAY WITH: Dad, Benjamin, any visitor that comes to hang out with me

*Mom also wanted to let you know that she copied the idea for this post from a friend in Tulsa--thanks Jordan and Emmy :)

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