Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We've had several visitors since the middle of March. Luke has enjoyed having new people to play with and entertain.
On of my college roommates and her husband spent the weekend with us March 11-13. It was fun to hang out with Anne and Jason and Luke enjoyed taking them to the park.
The following weekend Grandpa and Grandma Johnson came for a quick visit. Luke also enjoyed taking them to the "new" park and going down the slide with them. Mom and Dad got to enjoy a movie and dinner out :)
Sarah was here from March 25 until April 4. It was great to have her here for such a long time again. Luke loves that Sarah will do a few things with him that Mom and Dad don't/won't do. Thankfully Luke knows that those are special Sarah activities and doesn't ask about them once she leaves.
Grammy was here from April 3 through April 8. Unfortunately most of that time Luke was sick but we did manage to get out on Thursday. We took Luke to the Lego store where Grammy bought him a new set that includes Winnie the Pooh and Piglet (or as Luke says--Pigalit).

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