Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Half of July

I didn't blog much about everyday life in July.  Here's some pics from the first half of July.  It was super hot again this year so if we were outside it was most likely to be in the pool or in the evening when it was a smidge cooler.  
 July 3: Cooling off in the pool
 July 4: We had a chill morning and then Grandpa, Grandma, Kristi and Wesley came over for dinner and fireworks.  Hannah enjoyed a nap with Grandpa while the rest of us did some fireworks in the backyard.
 July 6: Cooling off in the pool with Dad and Grandpa J.
 July 7: The super cute outfit Hannah got in from my cousin
 July 8: Hanging out as a family after a crazy birthday weekend
 July 12: Matching girls watching Luke play in the pool 
 July 13: Enjoying all the new birthday Legos
July 14: Wearing 12 month pj's
July 15: Horsey ride

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