Monday, August 6, 2012

June Catch Up

I am way behind on posting pics on here.  We have been super busy this summer it seems.  It will probably take a few posts to get all the pics on here but this is a start.  So enjoy the last half of June.
June 18: It's amazing to me that Luke loves all of his old toys once again.  We often play in Hannah's room on the floor like this.
 June 18: Hannah's first bath in the big tub
 June 18-28: LJ had swim lessons.  I'm not too sure how much he learned other than getting more comfortable with the water but he had fun.  The last lesson they get to play on the slides.
 June 22: At Myriad Gardens while Hannah was having her 6 month pics taken.  Wesley and Luke had a ton of fun playing in the splash pad together.  Luke LOVES to hang out and play with Wesley in any setting.
 June 22: Celebrating Hannah being 6 months and Troy's raise by going to dinner at Pop's.
June 23: Luke had never jumped off a diving board before.  We went to a birthday party for a neighbor and I asked Luke if he wanted to try it.  I was in the water to catch him for the first few jumps and after that it was all him.  
June 25: This is my 3rd summer trying to grow some tomatoes.  I am so excited that this summer has finally worked out.  We've enjoyed lots of yummy home grown tomatoes this year.

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