Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For whatever reason I'm having a hard time finding any free time to blog.  It couldn't be that I have an almost 8 month old that is into everything and constantly wants attention or that my now 4 year old has given up his nap and thinks I should play with him all afternoon or even that I have laundry to do, meals to cook and clean up after, errands to run, or making sure those children are for the most part happy and content on a daily basis--couldn't be any of that, really it couldn't.  I would love to have more time to blog but this phase of life just doesn't seem to afford that much time for it.  It's definitely a catch twenty-two because these are the days that I know I want to remember because they are so sweet.  So, this is a random list of sweet tidbits that I can still remember from the last few weeks.
  • Luke had his 4 year check-up at the doctor this morning.  He weighs 35 pounds, 2 ounces which is the 25-50% and he is 40 1/4 inches tall which is the 50%.  I was pleased with both of these numbers because he's finally had a growth spurt.  The doctor reported that Luke was doing great with a recommendation that we visit the eye doctor.  His vision was 20/40 when they tested it today.
  • A couple of funny moments at the check-up: Luke had to give a urine sample.  This was a total surprise to me and Luke was quite confused as to why I was collecting his urine in a cup rather than letting it go in the toilet.  The other moment is priceless and one I'll probably recount numerous times throughout Luke's life.  The doctor was asking Luke different questions--what colors were the beads he was playing with; what was his full name; what do you do when it's cold and then what do you do when you're hungry?  Luke's response was to hold up both of his hands and wiggle all his fingers!  I absolutely died laughing!!!  If you know Troy and you've seen him right before he eats a really good meal you know that this is his subconscious response to the anticipation of the yummy-ness he is about to experience.  (He has always done this--even as a child.)  Well, Luke now occasssionally does the same thing.   The doctor of course thought this was an odd response to her question but decided after my explanation this was a perfectly logical and appropriate answer.  I had a hard time containing my laughter.  Sweet,  I tell you, sweet!
  • Luke has been so kind and for lack of a better word sweet with Hannah lately.  We've been getting some of his old toys out for her lately and he very patiently explains to her how to play with them and what they do.  He also shows a lot of compassion when she is upset and he tries to sooth her.  He is especially good with her in the car--playing peek-a-boo or holding her hand and talking or singing to her.  One of my favorites though is when he tells me he's been giving her butterfly kisses.  Again, sweet!
  • Hannah is everywhere or at least everywhere she can get to.  She is an expert crawler now and has started pulling up to her knees.  She is constantly keeping us on our toes and even though we have gates for both family room doorways, I can't leave her for more than a minute or two at a time because she is finding more and more ways to be mischievous.  She is into stuff way more than Luke ever thought about being.  We are in big trouble for when she figures out how strong she really is and learns about opening drawers, doors, etc.  
  • Seeing the bond between Luke and Hannah strengthen as Hannah is able to interact more is again so sweet!  They are constantly laughing at each other or with each other.  After a week with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and again last week with Grammy and PawPaw, Luke was probably the most excited to see Hannah when we all arrived to pick him up.  I love that!  I truly hope and pray that they can experience the special bond only siblings can share throughout their lives like my sister and I have.
  • Luke still has his house.  It's moved again.  It's currently up on a mountain and the mountain is blocking the road and no one can get through.  I hear about his house on a daily basis.  Sometimes when things aren't going the way he wants or sometimes when something is really exciting--either way I love hearing what his imagination has come up with for the day.  I equate his house to an imaginary friend only I think it's so much cooler because how often do you hear about a kid with his own house!  Sweet!!!
There are so many moments throughout the day where I think, "Oh, I need to write that down so I don't forget it."  Some are just the everyday moments and some are like at the doctor this morning.  Either way, they are all so special and so very, very sweet!

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