Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Party

Sunday morning we had a fall party with a few of our neighbors.  Leslie, Susannah and I planned it because we are all addicted to Pinterest and we wanted an excuse to do some fall projects and recipes from Pinterest.  Susannah hosted all of us and we all had tons of fun.  The kids had just as much fun doing the crafts as running around playing.  Sawyer even said at one point it wasn't a very good party because we weren't letting them play enough--ha, ha.  Our projects included painting rocks to look like pumpkins, decorating pumpkins with sticker faces and making bean mosaic leaves.  Our lunch menu was mummy dogs, ghosty cheese, monster fingers, a veggie pumpkin and a caramel apple slice bar.  
 Luke's is the second from the right.
 Now it's the second from the left.
Leslie, Susannah and I decided it was such a success that we were going to plan to do something similar every season.  Our current plan for the next one is sometime in January.  

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