Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Karate and Gymnastics

Luke has been taking a class called Kick-n-Gym for the last nine weeks.  It's a combination of karate and gymnastics.  He loves it!  This is our first extra-curricular activity and because he likes it so much and is learning a bunch we have signed up for a second session.  Monday was the last class in the first session.  The kids all got to have sparing matches with each other to practice all the different karate moves they have learned.  Although they learned all the moves actually using them in a sparing match is a bit different so it was more like a fun punching/kicking match with helmets and gloves.  Below is Luke's match.  He was thrilled that Coach Cory picked him to go first.  Megan, the girl that Luke is sparing with, is also 4.  The two of them had fun all through the class giggling and talking (mostly when they weren't supposed to be) and Luke is going to miss seeing her each week.  The video is a bit long but there was no good point to stop it and it's pretty funny to watch anyway :)

And some pictures as well--stretching, back bridge, push-ups, jumping and hand stand.

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