Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pinterest Activities

I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Thankfully once the newness wore off a bit I don't get sucked in for too long anymore (although there are still days that happens).  If you don't know what Pinterest is I'll tell you.  It's an on-line social photo sharing website that allows you to organize all the wonderful things you find on the web--basically it "houses" all the ideas, recipes, crafts, etc. that you want to keep track of.  You can follow different people and what they "pin" as well as be followed yourself.  

As I said I like this A LOT.  You can check out my boards here if you would like.  I pin mostly recipes and crafty things.  We have all enjoyed numerous new recipes and found a couple of favorites.  Luke has also benefited from all my pinning.  He knows that he can ask me to look at my "Kid Projects" board to find some fun new activity to try out.  That's the point of this post--to show you some of our activities and projects from Pinterest.

One of the first things we tried was making sock bubbles.  This was super fun and worked amazingly well.  It's a sock (I used an old fuzzy sock slipper actually) that is taped onto the end of a cut-off bottle and then dipped in some watered down dish soap.  We played with this for about 45 minutes and the only reason we stopped was because the mosquitos were bad in the backyard.  

Our next activity was hand print art.  I am a big fan of hand print art.  I love having cute little hands preserved in time.  Hannah even got in on this one.  After the paint dried Luke and I had fun completing the animals.  

This next one was also fun for Luke and I.  This was more of a science experiment than art project although the result was rather artsy.  A simple reaction between an acid, food colored vinegar, and a base, baking soda.  Another 45 minutes of colored, fizzy fun.  We even talked about combining primary colors to make secondary colors.

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