Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Convos with LJ

The last week or so has been really tough with Luke.  He has had 5 big tantrums since last Monday and  3 within the last 2 days.  These aren't the regular talking back, grumpy faced I don't want to kind of tantrums; they are throw yourself on the floor, screaming, crying, flailing, door slamming kind of tantrums.  I don't have an explanation other than he's a 4 1/2 year old boy trying to show his independence.  I can tell you it's very draining and trying on the patience.  It's also frustrating because I don't understand it.  So, needless to say, Luke and I have been having some rather serious conversations lately about his behavior and such.

This morning:
Luke had a fit about coming downstairs and eating breakfast.  After the tantrum he had yesterday afternoon my patience was very thin.  Our morning wasn't one I would like to repeat.  Because of the dramatic increase in this behavior I decided it would be good if I talked with one of Luke's teachers to see if they had seen any bad behavior at school.  I wasn't expecting a yes and was glad to hear he's been doing great at school.  When I came to pick Luke up today, the same teacher told me that while on the playground this afternoon she had this conversation with Luke.

Mrs. Griffin: Luke, come here I have a question for you.
Luke: What?
Mrs. Griffin: Is it true that you've been having hissy fits at home?
Luke: Yeah (with a sigh).
Mrs. Griffin: You need to be nice to your mom and stop having fits at home.
Luke: Well.... (as he walked away and put his finger to his lip like he was thinking about something).

Mrs. Griffin told me it was hilarious.  I laughed pretty hard when she told me about it.  I can totally see Luke doing that too.  As he was leaving the classroom this afternoon, Mrs. Griffin told Luke no more fits.  He sort of just looked at her like whatever.  I didn't take it as a great sign.

Late afternoon:
We spent part of the afternoon at the McBride house (where he was perfect) and upon returning home Luke proceeded to throw a fit about taking something inside that was in the garage.  It didn't need to come in and I told him no.  I sent Luke to his room because he didn't calm down and again my patience was rather thin.  After a while he asked if he could come down.  He did and we talked about the day.  As we were finishing our conversation, I was giving him a big hug and this is what was said.

Luke: Mom, you don't smell like you.
Me: I saw Ms. Staci today and she used some different stuff in my hair. (Staci is my hair stylist.)
Luke: Oh, do I get to see her soon? (She also cuts LJ's hair.)
Me: Yep, next week in fact.  What do I smell like?
Luke: Grape.
Me: That's pretty good.
Luke: Yeah.  What do I smell like?
Me: You.
Luke: What's that?
Me: Boy, sunshine, mulch, outside.
Luke: That's me.

I thought it would be good for Luke and I to take a walk together after dinner so we could have some time for just the two of us.  We took a really long walk even for Luke.  We talked about all kinds of different things--some of it about his behavior; some other more random things.  Here are some snippits.

Me: Let's have a good day tomorrow okay?
Luke: Okay Mom.
Me: What does that mean?
Luke: Being nice to Hannah.
Me: What else?
Luke: Being respectful. Listening.
Me: What about tantrums?
Luke: No tantrums or fits.
Me: Sounds good to me.
Luke: Me too.

Me: So, how is it being a big brother?
Luke: Great!!!
Me: I'm glad you like it.  You're a good big brother.
Luke: I wish Hannah could talk more.
Me: She's learning lots of words.  Do you want to her to be able to talk with you?
Luke: Yeah, but I can teach her new words.
Me: You are always teaching new things to her.  She can learn so much from you.
Luke: I'll teach her a lot of things.

After seeing some flowers growing:
Luke: God wanted those flowers to be there.
Me: I bet He did.
Luke: They were pretty Mom.
Me: Yes they were.  What else does God want?
Luke: For us to love Him.
Me: Very true. Anything else?
Luke: For us to be nice.
Me: To who?
Luke: Everyone.
Me: Yes that's true.

At the end of our walk:
Me: I had a great time taking a walk with you.
Luke: Me too.
Me: Thanks Luke.
Luke: Thanks Mom.  I love you.
Me: I love you Munchkin.

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