Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinteresting Week

Last week was Spring Break.  We didn't have any big plans around here but Luke and I decided it would be fun to do a whole bunch of different projects throughout the week.  Luke loves to see all the pins I have on Pinterest for kid activities.  The Saturday before break started we went through all the pins and picked out several of them that we wanted to do.  Here's what we did last week.
Sunday morning we cut shapes out of bubble wrap and made prints with them.  I truly enjoyed this one and probably could have spent a significant amount of time doing this.

After much searching on Sunday, we finally found some marbles to use in our marble race track (a pool noodle cut in half).  This one has been used repeatedly since being made.

 This one was also observed and commented on all week.  We started it on Monday morning and the last picture is from Thursday night.  In the top picture you can see two cups filled with colored water and empty cup between them.  There is a folded paper towel placed in the blue water and into the empty cup and also one for the yellow water.  The bottom picture shows the water levels all equal and the blue and yellow water have wicked into the empty cup to make green water.  This was really fascinating to watch.  We did nothing to the green water.  I was skeptical it would work as well as it did.

Benjamin came over Wednesday morning and the boys made aquariums.  This was another really fun project.  They loved gluing the shells in the sand.

 Luke decided that Hannah needed a "project" too.  We made her some finger paint bags.  There is clear contact paper over the zipper bag although Hannah thought the point was to remove the contact paper.  We have two of these still on the windows and she has since started playing with them.

Wednesday afternoon we made bird feeders from toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and birdseed.  We watched off and on to see if a bird was actually using them but I'm pretty convinced the squirrels ran off with them.

 Friday afternoon after lunch at Chesapeake we used a bug maker LJ got for Christmas to make bugs.  Yeah, you see the spider on the left in the above picture--it looks a little too real for my taste.

Our final project we did yesterday afternoon.  We made a train out of different pasta shapes.  Again I wasn't sure about this one but it turned out well and Luke has had fun playing with it on the kitchen table.

During the week we also went for a couple of walks, went to the park, went to the library, ran errands, played trains, colored, played games, put together puzzles and just enjoyed the extra time at home.  One project that didn't get photographed was an attempt to make rock candy.  It failed miserably and we ended up with two cups full of solidified sugar water.  Other than that it was a very good week!

I should also add that with the exception of the bugs all the info regarding the above projects can be found on my Tried it Out board over at Pinterest. 

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