Saturday, May 11, 2013

Water Table

Luke has been questioning me for the last 3 months about whether or not it was warm enough to play in the water table.  Well, April 29 it was finally warm enough.  Luke was thrilled.  Hannah was thrilled.  I was thrilled to get a ton of great pics of the two of them.  They played in the water for over an hour.  I know that this was only the first of many, many afternoons outside in the months to come.
 Just had to get his hair wet.
 Maggie needs her frisbee.
 I love that they are laughing together in this one.
 Notice LJ's tongue sticking out in concentration (he gets that from Troy).
 Up on tip toes
 More laughing
 Notice the faint smile
 Happy, beautiful girl
LJ loves to throw a ball up on the roof

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